Trial by Darkness and Light


In this phase of Ascension, the Soul will be "moving in" to our psyche so to speak. The psyche and the Soul will become roommates, and this will rapidly accelerate our psychological growth.

As we know, the spiritual journey is an exhausting one. This next phase, although accelerated, does not have to deplete us in the same way. We now have the tools to choose how we experience these lessons.

It comes down to a simple choice. Trial by light, or trial by darkness. The lesson will happen regardless, but one path is far easier.

This weeks' channeled videos show us both paths and grant us the gift of choice on how to proceed.

Watch FULL SCREEN. One channeled video backwards and forwards (music always intuited last)


The journey of light is about believing the impossible is possible. That our deepest desires are not there by accident. It is allowing that burning desire to light the way forward. (firey ball, firey face, simulation path)

Simultaneously, we are asked to detach from these same dreams. Believe in them, but don't attach to the form they must take. Attachment interferes with our energy. It puts us on a rollercoaster of disappointment. (box, objects attaching then disintegrating, cell phone)

For this reason, the journey will present you with apparent setbacks until you can enter a state of neutrality. Neutrality being the flow state where our dreams can manifest unhindered by energetic disturbance. (circuitry, skull and crossbones)

You will know you are making energetic progress when you attract people aligned with your vision. People who clarify your dreams and make them feel attainable. When enough people align with the same vision, reality begins to morph. This also speaks to the power of the internet in creating a new reality (as was Divinely intended). (electricity in skyline, virtual reality participants, heads with bolts morphing cubes)

At a certain point, the group's energy will cause enough of a tear in time/space for the Universe to begin mending itself. The fabric of reality seeks stability, and this means it must be in harmony with those who perceive it. (triangles opening portal, fluid turning into a matrix)

When we enter this stage of our manifestation, our only job is to commit to our dreams. Allow their grip on our Soul. Like an oyster forming a pearl in response to irritants, our dreams become irritants to the cosmic fabric. Universal particles will be magnetized to form our vision. (hands holding pearl, oyster holding pearl, particles)

It is helpful to think of manifestation as a birthing process. There are numerous developmental stages as our dreams permeate all layers of reality. Initially, they are very vulnerable to outside influence, like a creature without a protective shell. (seagulls, shells, snail)

Once the fabric of reality has stabilized around our dreams, our doubts and wavering are the new cosmic irritants. This is often why we get signs and synchronicities. They bring us back into alignment with our dreams. The number sequences we see such as 1111, 111, 222, 333, reveal what we need to do energetically to stop interfering with what is manifesting. This includes awareness of fertile manifestation periods where our thoughts can have a negative influence. They can also signal that strange shifts and changes are, in fact, part of the dream coming true. (oyster in code)

So how is this a story of the Soul and the psyche? Who do you think planted those desires? The Soul is orchestrating this whole process. All it wants is to manifest our highest destiny without the psyche interfering. It is using knowledge of the psyche and Universal law to bring our dreams to life. (cosmic figure with pearl, pushing out star, star blocking moon)

 Of course, a timeless, loving Soul seeks more than bliss for the individual. Our paths are also shifting according to a larger plan for Earth. There is a collective destiny unfolding, and the same Universal laws apply. We are meeting those aligned with this new world, clarifying our vision, detaching, and finally transforming the planet. (dark figure, hands holding star in space)

On a microscopic level, our DNA is being upgraded. This will attune our senses to the energetic realms. It will allow the Soul more agency over our existence. We will also exist in harmony with Universal consciousness, versus a state of separateness. This will be evidenced by new intuitive experiences, strange physical symptoms, and the amplification of our desires. (hands place star in DNA)

This is the path of light. Surrendering to these forces. The mind may feel as though nothing is happening, but one look at our lives and we will see the dream is coming true. It is just happening according to greater laws than the mind can grasp. (sleeping person in light)

If you've been walking this path, know you are now embodied light. You are all Soul. There is nothing to do now but trust. (light in cave, door opening)


The path of darkness is naturally the obstruction of light. It is the pain of rejecting the light that is trying to guide you forward. (light blocked by cave)

It is choosing control over the minutiae of our lives versus stepping into the unknown. Even if it could mean changing the world, or what it means to be human. (removal of star from DNA, Earth)

We find ourselves prioritizing separateness, the individual, comfort, and imagine our dreams to be fairytales. Our emotions and desires are seen as blocks to the truth of life. (dark figure in doorway, star and moon)

When we experience Divine moments such as intuitive knowings, Divine meetings, prophetic dreams, synchronicities, we dismiss them. We presume there is a scientific explanation, or its a trick of the mind. (figure taking in star releasing white ball, clam in code)

We have a "meaningless" bias. Everything is insignificant, all things are rooted in survival, and humans are heartless predators. (snail, shells, seagulls)

When someone extraordinary comes along, we minimize their beauty. We imagine they lived a sheltered existence or were born lucky. We don't consider them to be a product of their Soul. (oyster, pearl, pearl in hands, matrix)

When we are lucky enough to meet a Soulmate, we chalk it up to similar interests and coincidence. We extract the magic from the experience, because the world has told us love is chemical. (faces with electricity forming cubic shape, virtual reality participants)

Love is reduced to the electricity we feel, the opportunities that open up, romantic excursions and sex. When not in a partner’s presence we text and call to ease our fears of abandonment. (cell phone, skull and crossbones, circuitry, cyclone becomes objects joining)

Without attuning to the deeper forces underlying reality, we feel empty. We do not love our partners, we are using them to avoid our emptiness. When we are not using them we are engaged in addictive behaviors to fill the void of a Soul-less existance. (cell phone, object is detached, chips)

This cycle keeps us mesmerized, and the larger vision of our life eludes us. When we do catch glimpses, life appears cold and terrifying. In our cycles of numbing, self-pacifying, and surviving, life has not had the chance to become imbued with meaning. (simulation, fire ball, firey face) 

But it is never too late to choose the path of light. Be forewarned, it begins by looking within. Don't be afraid when you must first face the very things you spent a lifetime trying to avoid. (firey face)

Truthfully, we have all walked both paths. In fact, the interplay of dark and light has been the Soul's journey for so long. This contrast was necessary for the Soul to penetrate our shadows, and reveal the light hidden within.

The difference is now the Soul has been fully embodied. In this state, darkness is a choice. It is no longer a condition for Soul growth, but something we've become conditioned to. 

Light can be our only teacher now. A choice humanity has never known, and therefore cannot perceive. 

This is the pain of this stage of our Ascension. The dream has come true, but it is beyond our current perception.

Don't worry. There is a Divine plan in place. You, reader, are just lucky enough to make the choice now.

"Cosmic Love" by Florence & the Machine


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