State of the Divine Union


Welcome to the mid-point.

The Collision of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Past and Future, Masculine and Feminine.

This is where all is in perfect harmony, we just can't perceive it yet.

But before we dive into the channeled videos' messages, I must explain where I've been for 8 months. 

In November 2020, I channeled the most extraordinary video conceivable. A one minute video that synchronized with 40 audio clips of people talking (and a few songs). People like Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Maya Angelou...

One single video's visuals synchronized 40 times with their words, the truth behind the words, all while matching up to throat clearings, sniffs, microphone muffles...

I then realized every soundbite revealed a key to unlocking our reality. They cover humanity's delusions and truths. How spirit manifests in human reality - from UFOs to near death experiences. 

Most incredibly, they tell us the Theory of Everything. A story that unifies particles, energy, vibration, consciousness, life, and the Divine.

The gravity of these messages have been all consuming. I hope the final edit will be completed by the end of this year.

Until then, we have Divine guidance for this leg of the journey. These videos felt like coming up for air after months of humanity dismantling and reassembling all we believed to be true.

See below for one channeled video backwards and forwards (intuited music after completion) to illustrate the State of Divine Union within and without.

Please watch FULL SCREEN and read on for the videos' messages.


There have been monumental shifts to our experience of time. This results from the Divine ensuring our eyes are fixed on obstacles in front of us, with little opportunity to dwell on the past and future. Like a GPS device, the points are divinely input and we mindlessly move forward. (GPS, fairy, eyes, clock)

With this loss of control over our destinies, the logical mind is on autopilot. An experience designed to reallocate our energy to the Soul. The Soul is now free to stretch across dimensions and bring more life into every second. This is why we feel exhausted, and time feels expansive. (figure moving in pyramid, figure entering person)

Those who identify as Feminine, are able to embrace this internal shift. They've been primed to turn the wheel over to higher entities, whether it's a dominant Masculine person or a higher power. (child spinning, walking towards Masculine)

Masculine beings, however, feel a loss of identity. In this state of powerlessness, they revert to old attempts at controlling the Feminine. (Feminine figure giving an energy exchange, energetic rays towards Masculine)

The Masculine will soon realize, if they haven't already, that this story of the disempowered Feminine is a myth. What he is tampering with is an awakened Feminine who is tapped into a power greater than he can comprehend. (Masculine figure blocked by Feminine energy, dark Masculine with fairy being eradicated, lightening bolts, Feminine figure)

The Masculine is met with a Feminine who radiates power and fearlessly navigates the great void of this new reality. The Masculine's now failed attempts at control have left them feeling exposed, foolish, and entirely unequipped for this new terrain. (figure dancing under mountainous region)

The Masculine has inadvertantly handed their power to the Feminine in this display. This is the moment the Masculine is forced to surrender to powerlessness. Where, extremely uncomfortably, the Masculine's Soul begins disentangling itself and seeking freedom. (Feminine paralyzing Masculine, Masculine entering pyramid, web, radar, pink fragments)

This brings both Masculine and Feminine, Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth into Divine union. Divine union being the full human embodiment of the Soul. (Couple underwater, submarine, Divine eye)

Tame Impala "'Cause I'm a Man"


This video begins at the point of Soul embodiment - RIGHT NOW. To embody the Soul is one thing, to manifest life as an embodied Soul is our journey forward. (underwater couple, submarine)

Our Soul-embodied lives begin with a feeling of exhaustion, entrapment, and heaviness. This propels us to recreate our lives to find a lightness of being. (figure in web)

Finding this lightness is the identical process to adapting to the embodied Soul. It will naturally result in changes that suit the Soul's energetic needs. This includes release of old emotions, change in food preferences, sleep patterns, exercise regimens, social interaction... (figure in pyramid, Feminine figure pulling energy)

The Soul will ensure these changes are made in pursuit of joy and freedom, not control. This allows the Soul to keep its hands on the wheel of our lives. This timeless entity must direct us as we enter new domains of our existence. (dancing person, figure overlooking mountains, desert)

The human mind will have moments of terror as it has nothing to hold onto. In those moments, the Soul will send us signs and synchronicities. These will assure us the Soul is behind the scenes. (lightening, dark figure, fairy)

The Feminine will recover from those moments quickly, as one look at their lives and they will see their dreams taking shape. When they can't perceive this, they will perceive an abundance of love. As before, the Feminine is also accustomed to relinquishing control. (figure in moon, figure blocked by heart lights, figure moving off train tracks)

The Masculine, unfortunately, will feel an ongoing emptiness. They have come to love and appreciate the Feminine, but this does not imbue their life with meaning just yet. They must first have an internal reckoning. The bitter realization that their life feels meaningless without power and control. (feminine figure gives heart energy then exits screen, dark figure with reflection, clouds)

The Masculine's transition will come when they see the Feminine's life is moving forward despite their surrendered state. All while the Feminine is experiencing joy and playfulness. (intermittent image of child walking in water, child spinning)

The Masculine will have no choice but to seek the Feminine for answers. This is when they finally learn the Feminine has had a map to this new reality. One that comes with an internal guidance system. (dancing light leaves dancer, dancing figure in pyramid, GPS device)

This is the pivotal point where Masculine and Feminine create a new power dynamic. The Feminine provides direction, and the Masculine logistically steers the wheel. The Masculine will find empowerment by making the impossible possible using the Feminine's Divine guidance. (hand on wheel, GPS with dancing figure, pyramid, eyes)

The Soul, as always, will be on the dashboard providing signs and synchronicities to Divinely assist. (fairy)

First Aid Kit "My Silver Lining"


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