How to Fail the Next Generation 7/16/22 UPDATE


How to Fail the Next Generation

 I recently posted a wave of channeled videos revealing our collective human experiences (and a preview of the animal experience which is to come).

The next channeled wave brings us to a new and terrifying stage: How Humanity Can Save Itself.

As of now, there are four videos. Each addresses how we created a problem, and how we can resolve it. 

The first video shows us how to raise the Next Generation if we are to save Humanity. We are given this guide, but not before we understand our failings.

UPDATE 7/16/22: I've posted an Instagram story preview of the videos that flooded in soon after I posted this. They include Insect Consciousness, The Comatose Mind, A Glimpse into Higher Consciousness etc. With every new video, I lose my grip on timelines and how these videos are meant to impact the world. It is all beyond comprehension. All I can say is I'm excited, shaken, and ready. I just await Divine timing for when to release.

Scroll down for the channeled videos (same video forward then backward) followed by their Divine messages.

(Channeled Videos Defined: I am flooded with images and words, that guide me through the vastness of search engines. There I find immaculate visuals and waves of intuitive impulses that weave these visuals together. Finally, I channel the music that brings everything into miraculous synchronicity. As you watch, remember the music was intuited after the video was complete.)

How to Fail the Next Generation

We can only see the world as clearly as we see ourselves. The world is in the state it is in because children are raised to be distorted. We try to suppress or punish their "negative traits" versus teach children about the very human origins of these traits. This constant punishment of a child's supposed "darkness" leaves so much of their humanity unexplored. The child is now conditioned to fear and reject their humanity, and this is mirrored in their fear and rejection of all Humanity. (closing mirror, flowers)

This misguided conception of goodness and "purity", which is actually ignorance and rejection of self, is then exacerbated by the media. We present the hero or princess as being "pure", and their only challenges being external villains or conditions. The most psychological distress expressed is a lack of belief in one's power or goodness. We then equate this belief in one's goodness/power to a general belief in one's self, and it being the answer to all of life's problems. (billboard, castle in the sky, cloud bridge, person)

The narrative is inaccessible AND the characters are physically inaccessible. Protagonists are almost always white, thin, muscular, bright-eyed, soft features, etc.. Children have no choice but to then link goodness to this physical archetype. They do this because the storyline certainly doesn't apply to them, so just maybe it applies to people who look like these characters. (slender figure on billboard, same physical features of children on the tv)

The main character's destiny is like a GPS. Get from point A to point B. Their only obstacle is self-belief and determination. All else is provided by wizards, sages, fairy godmothers, teachers, and synchronicity. At no point do we see characters create their destinies. (555-COSMOS, crossing bridge with cell phone, light beams from eyes on phone)

This upside-down fantasy world, with no real-world application, emotionally disables children. The only way to experience this seductive reality is getting lost in media, and their real lives feel so dark by contrast. Despite this clear contrast, the commitment to the fantasy coming true haunts us all for a lifetime. (dark backdrop, bright billboard, cosmic center transitioning to blueberries)

Adulthood could be considered extraordinary, if not for its comparison to the fantasy world. When we view adulthood after adjusting to the childrens' media lens, we are startled by destinies that are a cascade of confusing choices, day-to-day tasks that do not propel us into a magical future, and almost everyone being physically "boring". (person getting eye exam, cosmic lens removed)

When everything in life demands surrendering the fairytale, it is too late for the mind. The need for a fairytale ending results in numerous perfectionistic tendencies and disorders. These behaviors tell us we are coming closer to purity and perfection, and eventually that happy ending. They allow distraction and avoidance of the "bleak" reality of adulthood. (screen, graphs, cosmic brain, cosmic ferry wheel, cosmic sky)

Ironically, the true magic that underlies reality is a source of controversy and debate. Any mention of intuition or unusual phenomena is met with intense scrutiny. Unless your subjective and often fleeting experience can be supported by rigorous scientific study, it is dismissed (even if it is proven it is denied by the scientific community). Here we run into a great human tragedy. Intuition begins as subtle stirrings that require nurturing at a young age. When children are not met with validation and guidance, those abilities are left to a child's interpretation. For example, picking up on others' energy fields is misinterpreted as an extension of one's own emotional experience. (cosmic liquid removed from eye) 

The danger of not understanding our internal worlds is the first problem, the harsh skepticism children are also met with is another. Children face skepticism even adults can not withstand, let alone a fragile being without an internal compass. Here we see how intuition can barely reach the budding stages in our society. (diagrams surrounding eye, person on grid)

Children are left untrusting of their personal experiences and begin relying on society to dictate what is normal to feel. This doesn't just apply to intuition, but all the child's subjective experiences. This continues the process of neutralizing and censoring their humanity that began with rejecting what is not "good" or "pure". (dark figure on grid becomes white figure)

This process is no different than a lobotomy. We then thrust children into the world, having groomed them to only trust external sources of information, and dare not look within for answers. (disembodied white robot face)

As children develop, they just continue "programming" themselves through external sources. This is a devastating cycle of trying to interpret their goodness, purity, and validity through others' reactions and by mirroring those who appear to have these traits. (robot now having body and mechanical hair, holding cosmic orb, wire device exploding orb, mirroring robot)

A child's authentic humanity is left to rot, and that deep void is left for others to fulfill. Of course, we all know how vulnerable this has left children. Those who feed on this vulnerability are deeply disturbed. These predators were once children victimized by this same cycle. (exploding grapes, mirror robot holding grape juice)

 Children are forever altered by these encounters because they use them to "finally" understand who they are through the eyes of another. They absorb every bit of the abuse and exploitation like it is a long-lost map of their identity. (robot face-scanning grape juice, robot with human features waving)

The child is left with a deeply distorted vision of themselves. One that is rooted in people-pleasing and attention-seeking to abusive personalities. (winking person with silver coat, drawings on face)

Consider all the above factors, and how it impacts the parent/child relationship. It primes parents to have an unhealthy amount of influence over their children - parents that were subjected to the same conditioning as children. (tv screen, mother in delivery room)

Because of this same societal conditioning, parents greet their children as empty vessels waiting for their influence. Parents imagine their children have no inherent likes or dislikes, and therefore can be molded and conditioned to suit the parent's needs and wants. (tv screen, slumped child in stroller, child with bandana looking at ocean)

When the child expresses resistance or opinion, it is interpreted as defiance or a tantrum. This leaves the child no choice but to discover their true interests in their parents' absence. (tv screen, child scrunching face, child with bike at sunset)

This turns the home into a place of alienation from the authentic self. Children feel desperate to find outside friends, and role models who fully accept them. (tv screen, house embedded in mountain, child looking)

When these outside connections allow children to begin discovering and expressing themselves, parents find it jarring. "Who is this outside influence?" Parents become on edge and instinctively try and cut the child off from those influences. (tv screen, circles flashing in child's eyes, shadow crushing circle)

Too often that "influence" awakened something authentic at the child's core. Now a child's window into self-discovery has been shut. The child also interprets this as the family's rejection of their true self and causes more alienation. (tv screen, shadow of parents and child, glowing debris in child)

Art and media are often the child's final frontier for self-discovery. The child has no choice but to search for self through tv, video games and movie preferences. They also find glimpses of self through art but are met with parents and teachers who seek its perfection versus its expression. That, or messages about art having no "real" value. (tv screen, child with monster shirt drawing red, yellow and black hole)

Meanwhile, the caregivers are obsessively finding toys and activities to quiet the child's boundless energy. Energy that remains ungrounded because the child can't connect to their authentic self. (tv screen, child running through puddle, beaming light from child, accumulation of toys and activities surrounding screen)

As this boundless energy is reprimanded, diagnosed, or met with meaningless distractions, the child learns to redirect and suppress it. This can range from developing disorders, obsessive hobbies, fixation on schoolwork, etc. In essence, channeling their Soul into the meaningless, disordered, and "societally acceptable". (tv screen, child with red eye and circuitry, child reading book with electricity from head and book, electric waves on hand making geometric shapes, tv screen, water and sand in hand)

Any surviving remnants of the child's true self will surface in the presence of animals and insects. This is one of the infinite reasons why these creatures are so precious. They allow children and adults to experience pure love, pure expression, and pure curiosity despite all our barriers. (tv screen, child with cat, butterfly, horse)

This is also why many feel deeper sympathy for animals than humans. Our conditioning creates a disconnect from our humanity, and consequently the humanity of others. We also resent humanity for creating impossible expectations that leave us alienated. There is truth in this, but the larger truth is we were raised on the premise of being fundamentally empty, and there we psychologically remain. (tv screen, dark figure with globe outline, law of attraction headline)

Cosmos Peractus appears in a black and white shape alongside a dancing robot. This is because it has never been more dangerous to raise children as "empty vessels". If we continue on our current path, humanity will be a direct reflection of algorithms. The internet has taken the role of predator that prays on the empty child seeking acceptance. A predator more powerful than every narcissist, rapist, murderer, corrupt politician, dictator, exploitative billionaire combined. 

The internet is a conglomeration of every villain you can conceive of. A psychological matrix where they create rules and force outcomes. Yes, there are many good influential people, but good people do not seek this kind of control and, therefore, are absent from these algorithms and paradigms.

So how do we stop this terrifying trajectory?

Read on for "How to Raise the Next Generation"

"Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

Lyrics in Video

In my eyes
In disguises no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
And the sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
Neath the black, the sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I'll hear you scream again
Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?
Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just disappear

How to Raise the Next Generation

Children are born with a self and purpose intact. The central role of the caregiver is to be curious, reflective, and validating while the child explores their identity and discovers their innate gifts. This is monumental as every child right now has gifts essential to saving the Earth and humanity. (mirror surrounded by flowers, shadow figure with globe outline)

The new fundamental premise of children's media will be the Law of Attraction. The main principles will include: 1. A human's life mirrors their internal condition - as they expand, life expands. 2. Understanding emotion is our gateway to a transformed life - cultivating joy no matter the external circumstance, challenging our fear, understanding how the past replays itself through emotion. 3. Beliefs create our reality - for example, when we internalize criticism or prejudice, life will reflect it. 4. Our path to happiness is through discovering our gifts and utilizing them to make ourselves and others happy. 5. Every human we meet is a reflection of ourselves and this aids in our healing. (tv screen, law of attraction headline, globe with sand, crystal, flowers)

Children's media will demonstrate animal life to be of equal value to our own (because it is). This includes: 1. Demonstrating that animals experience pain, emotion and speak their own language. 2. Sensitivity to animal habitats and needs. 3. How humans should interact with and be sensitive to animal life. When we recognize the sanctity of animal life, a powerful byproduct is valuing their habitat and the Earth. (tv screen, child with horse, child with butterfly, child hugging cat)

The destiny of main characters will not be seeking external circumstances that result in improved emotional states. It will be reversed. For example, cultivating joy which attracts external experiences that perpetuate joy, fear perpetuating fear etc. (tv screen, hazy figure in bright landscape, hand with water on sand)

Within this basic framework will be true education. Children's educational content should no longer be a separate media form. Humanity has the means to educate absolutely every child on Earth through media yet leaves this force in the hands of businessmen. (tv screen, blue dots on child drawing diagrams)

When we ensure all children's entertainment has educational value, we address different learning styles, developmental issues, and language barriers. Traditional schooling does not provide the stimulation and emotional connectivity most children require to retain information, let alone overcome educational challenges. (tv screen, child reading book, electric rays on forehead and book, foreign language, head sculptures, books)

The educational content should have real-world application, versus repeat current tedious school agendas. This can range from how computers work to resolving an emotional crisis. (tv screen, child with red eye looking at diagram, warning sign)

Cosmos Peractus shows up on the warning screen because allowing the entertainment industry to educate children is a danger zone. We will have to work very hard to make sure there are no hidden agendas and abuses of power. There must be strict screenings of children's content by educators and experts on child development. When a democratically elected panel has approved of the content, there will be a stamp much like the rating system we have now. The panel will be diverse in gender identity, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, cultural backgrounds, sexual preference, etc. This job will be elected by the general public based on resume and public records. There will be no "campaigning" or media involvement. Panel members will be up for re-election every two years and this will be based on their performance to date and public records.

Children's media will be treated as an extension of the greater education system. In this system, the role of schools and curriculum will be focused on the individual child's gifts and challenges. The goal will be bringing every child into full bloom, versus grooming them for society. For too long, schools have wasted precious time in competition with the media for influence, and have always lost. Now schools can enter a symbiotic relationship with the media. (tv screen, child with red light running through water, child with cartoon shirt drawing red, yellow and black hole)

With media and schools being unified, the role of the parent can shift. No longer demanding for their child to be seen, feeling at war with video games and television, and feeling like all odds are stacked against their child's success - parents can become guardians of their child's interpersonal and personal worlds. Parents can finally focus on their child's ability to communicate effectively, address conflicts, express pain, keep themselves safe, and generally understand the human condition. (tv screen, shadow of parent and child, blue lit rocks in child, shadow hands opening up and turning blue lit rocks into blue lit circle)

Once the child has clear domains for all of life's questions, they too can shift their focus. No longer on a hunt for guidance, truth, and validation, their core self will have space to thrive. When interests come to the surface, teachers and media will be there to help them explore. TV can help sharpen their focus on what interests them. Teachers can give them personalized curriculums. (tv screen, child with flashing blue lit circles in eyes)

Caregivers and educators will also understand that learning what does not feel right is just as important as learning what does. There will be a strong emphasis on flexibility and the child's ability to explore. Luckily, when we start children on this path early it does not have the massive consequences it does in adulthood. (tv screen, child looking at house in the mountainside) 

Those interests that "just" become hobbies will be valued. The more means of fulfillment a child has, the more balanced they will be in all aspects of life. Hobbies are pivotal in finding social connections, one's identity, and for mental health. (child with bike at sunset)

The absence of interests and hobbies can often lead to general defiance, sarcasm, and bullying. A child will often utilize these things to form an identity. If a child is unable to connect with what they do like, they often self-identity through what they don't like. (tv screen, child scrunching face)

Just as importantly, parents will not force children to adapt to their own interests because we run into similar behavioral problems. The child often becomes defiant, or miserable. Many forego true happiness and swap it for parental validation. We'd be reinforcing the "empty vessel" problem where children are at the mercy of others' approval. (tv screen, child staring at ocean, child bored in a stroller)

Now to redefine the role of "Mother". The current societal expectation of a selfless, flawless, warm caregiver without anger, sexuality, self-interest, or deviance is like waking up to a nightmare. Mothers sacrifice the course of their lives to child-rearing - must they also sacrifice their humanity? (mother in delivery room, baby taken away)

To begin creating spaciousness for mothers to preserve their identities, we will invest in fashion-forward clothing for all sizes and ages. We will also eliminate subdued makeup norms and hairstyles for the "older" woman. In general, society will stop sending powerful messages about human identity through limiting physical expression. (person with metallic coat, makeup, braids)

When interacting with a mother (or primary caregiver), we will not treat her as secondary to her child. We won't buy into the illusion that the mother's needs have now been exchanged for the child's. (robot with human face waving)

If we pick up on a loss of self, we will recognize and validate that they are likely consumed by the child's needs. Between a child's hunger, safety and tears, there is little bandwidth for much else. (robot in helmet viewing blue dots, small flashing square)

There will be deep recognition that new mothers are physically drained from breastfeeding (or any feeding), washing the baby, changing diapers, cleaning up, doctor's appointments, changing soiled clothes, laundry - all while their bodies are still recovering from the physical and emotional devastation of pregnancy and childbirth. (robot holding purple water orb, smashed grapes, exploding orb contained)

Consider the above, and how desensitized we currently are to this role - a pure symptom of a patriarchal society. This lack of validation has led to deep shame, depression, and further identity loss. (black and white robot head moving around)

This cycle has had dire consequences for mothers and for children. When we reject a mother's humanity, she has no choice but to project those needs onto the child. In fact, the foundation of every single human being's identity begins here. A mother, or primary caregiver's projection of their own unmet needs. (robot on screen with diagrams shifting colors, cosmic liquid injected into eye)

When we allow a human being's individual journey to have significance beyond the birth of a child, we free our children. A fulfilled caregiver will see a child with more clarity and be a guide for growth and expansion. (nebula above boat, nebula in ferris wheel)

When we change our narrative around mothers and caregivers it will provide a new foundation for human identity - evolution of the self. Caregivers will project their ongoing journey onto children, versus force children to wade through stagnant waters of their long-lost self. (nebula in brain)

When we stop stunting adult evolution between 30-40 years old and allow children to expand beyond parental needs, the implication for all humans is infinite. (eye check-up, cosmic lens)

Just eliminating the inhuman mother archetype, specifically, will send shock waves through society. Mothers and older women will stop disappearing from view in movies, tv, advertising, etc. Having representation, validation and visibility will allow for untold discoveries, societal shifts, and powerful intuitive awakenings. (billboard, blueberries transforming to nebula in neuron)

When all the above is established, the relationship between children and technology will naturally evolve. When humans are not desperate for validation, social media will not have its chokehold. When children's media is educational (and we utilize filters), children will reach their media thresholds faster, and tv/video game addictions will not have the same implications. When parents are able to focus on their children's interpersonal worlds, social media can be an opportunity to teach relational dynamics versus a source of corrupt social education. When caregivers cultivate and cherish a child's uniqueness, children will not rely on the internet to feel seen and accepted. (purple clouded bridge, hand with phone, profile on phone)

Beyond this natural progression, young children will receive clear education around technology. First, the serious dangers of multi-tasking while using tech gadgets, and how to use gadgets safely to avoid eye issues, carpel tunnel, back problems etc. (hand with phone walking on bridge)

Next, the internet will be spoken of as a virtual marketplace. Every single thing expressed and seen has an agenda. If it is posted, it is meeting an emotional or monetary need. (billboard, fantasy scene with person and cloud bridge to castle)

Children will also grasp the basics of advertising, algorithms, and manipulation. The internet is our modern "stranger with candy". Children will know the red flags and the importance of getting help no matter what is being threatened. We will teach about predators exploiting fear and shame, and advertisers exploiting insecurities.  (billboard, hotline, clouded rope, flat ground)

With time the internet will morph into it's most beautiful form - a source of truth. This is for another day, but the internet has allowed for an acceleration in humanity's awakening. First, exposure of humanity's shadow, and soon a source of interconnectedness, truth, and interdimensional communion. This is important because during the transition the lines will blur. The narcissists and the predators will masquerade as intuitives (for this reason, Cosmos Peractus was Divinely designed to bypass human ego, and allow a clear channel). Children will need to understand that truth feels freeing not constricting. That a Divine guide will seek to free us from fear, idolatry, and codependence, not monetize it.  (555-COSMOS, Call Cosmos Peractus Today!)

There is no denying children have a daunting journey ahead, but we will not project this emotional burden onto them. The backdrop to this harrowing time will be connectedness to nature, animals, and the simplicity of life. Nature awakens us to rhythms and cycles that bring the body and mind into harmony. Animals teach us unconditional love, innocence, and curiosity. Simplicity creates space for our minds and bodies to align, evolve, and regenerate. To aid in teaching simplicity, we see a selection of "playthings" under the tv screen in the video. These represent the spectrum of complexity and involvement our children will be exposed to. Any more complexity will overstimulate the mind and create imbalance. (foliage around billboard, billboard frame, items under tv screen)

Our final task is for adults and children alike: Integrating the world of energy into our experience. Perceiving the vibration of a tree versus a flower. Feeling the energetic grip another's emotions can have on us. Understanding all things as vibrating particles. Attuning to the energetic world gives us power over ourselves and reality. A process too complex to explain here, but must begin with focused awareness. (flowers, crystal, sand orb under tv)

Many of you will question how all this is possible. Do not allow the weight of these needed changes to collapse you. This is how progress has been stifled for so long. Your job is to maintain a lightness of being, and align with this new vision. Take whatever steps you are able, make whatever changes you have the power to, and believe this new world has already manifested.

Practicing this mindset will be critical to creating a new world. It will also be critical in receiving the next channeled video:

"How we will save the Earth (and ourselves)"

Crash Test Dummies "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"

Lyrics in Video

Once there was this kid who

Got into an accident and couldn't come to school

But when he finally came back

His hair had turned from black into bright white

He said that it was from when
The cars had smashed so hard


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