The Divine Guide to Sex


The Divine Guide to Sex

If there was ever a myth that plagued Humanity, it is our story called "sex".

 It is a separate dimension seemingly immune to the nuances of all other things "human". We speak of "good" sex, "bad" sex, sexual assault, and the rest is left to self-discovery.

Today we tell the truth about the story called "consensual human sex". We breakdown the illusions, and just as the bitterness sinks in, we are gifted with a new truth: The Divine Guide to Sex.

This week we have one channeled video x 2 versions (one backward). Scroll down to watch and read their Divine messages.


The Human Guide to Sex

Our story begins with sex being presented as a separate realm. Infinite possibilities when you have the keys to the locks. A treasure-trove that holds unimaginable pleasure and self-validation. Yet we provide no bridge from our inexperienced selves to this sex realm. (treasure chest, planets embedded, light-emitting)

Consequently, virgins enter the experience with so much anticipation and pressure, when they should be focused on boundaries and vulnerability. They quickly pay the price when they are confronted with their humanity in ways life did not prepare them for. (bears growling in faces, suddenly looking down)

Males instantly are at a confusing disadvantage. They feel the most pressure to please their partners, have the strongest drive for their own pleasure, experience pleasure far easier than the female sex, are conditioned to avoid vulnerability, and somehow must reconcile all these things. (black and white worker, confused person, dragon, Cleopatra instructing)

Females are immediately struck with all the mounting pressure placed on their physical appearance and femininity. Sex feels like a Broadway performance, where they must look and act the part. They have no idea how to "stay in character" and also instruct on the deep complexities of female pleasure centers. (Cleopatra heavily clothed, gentle hand gestures)

For those exploring gender identity, intersexuality, and/or sexual orientation, pleasure is an afterthought and sex can feel like a scary moment of truth. For those who are differently-abled, and/or have unique physical features, pleasure is an afterthought, and sex is also an anxiety-inducing moment of truth. (giant eye taking in specks, part of dragon in corner)

For all the above, the incredible story of "sex" is always shattered. A story that felt so expansive, so glorious, now feels so inaccessible. How to go from this to that? We have all wondered. (sparkling landscape, glimmer in the trees)

Despite this discouragement, there is an initial euphoria that follows true consensual sex. Life feels brighter, a little more magical. The sex may have been awkward, but the texting and talking about it feel exciting. We have officially entered a new reality. (colorful waves of sparkle, text, underwater cave)

This fades slightly as we ponder on our naked bodies. How am I supposed to constantly groom pubic hair? How do I feel to the touch? Do I smell? Is my penis average size? Are my breasts big enough? Did she see my scars? Was my skin too dry? (beaver near hole, skyscrapers)

As we continue having sex, our first revelations are about fluids. From ejaculation to lubrication, our heads spin. Am I "wet"? How do I stop prematurely ejaculating? That handjob is too dry. There's too much saliva. Was that a real orgasm if she didn't cum? Where do I buy lubricant? (bowl of fluids, river, waterfall)

With fluids as our gauge, we can now focus on movement, touch, and position. This is where the true dance begins. (touching, skin)

This is the basic sex journey, without the confounding variable of Human Psychology. When we factor in physical insecurity, sexual trauma history, performance anxiety, patience, and focus, we draw out this journey extensively. (deep hole, hand pulling back face, person digging, meditative person)

The above factors do not resolve themselves within the realm of sex, but the personal and interpersonal realms. Realms that few of us understand, which is often why we have these issues. (spirals within spirals)

This drastically prolongs the journey to understanding sex and pleasure. And, when our psychological issues are entwined with sexual desire, it only exacerbates them. Now whenever we feel any sexual desire, we spiral into shame and pressure. A repeating mental state that shatters our confidence. (spirals enter energy vortex)

When and if we manage to overcome our challenges, sexual pleasure is forever altered. Our brains too easily bridging from sexual pleasure to mental distress. (brain with symbols drops spiral into UFO)

We've spoken about the sexual implications of all this, but not how it redirects our lives and relationships. If we are lucky, we have partners who hold our hands on this journey and leave us stronger psychologically. (colorful landscape, UFO releases spiral)

Far too many are met with partners who do not have the compassion and patience. Whether they were only interested in sex, withdrawn and/or insensitive, a person's psychology will take a devastating hit. This consciously thrusts their deep psychological issues into the interpersonal realm. (dragon biting spiral in skeletal landscape, spiral in doorway) 

 And what is the interpersonal realm if not a mirror we use to shape our identities? Now we are our challenged sex lives and our psychological limitations. (layers surrounding circular shape)

Certainly, life and our identities have more depth than this, but consider how often we think about sex and romance. If we can't reflect on those things with peace, we will be robbed of much of our livelihoods. (triangular landscape)

This constant state of self-reflection and shame leaves many too disabled for romance, love and sex. They don't see a way out of the pain except for avoidance. (doorway, plane wreckage)

 This avoidance can take multiple forms. Only having platonic relationships. Only having one-night stands to avoid rejection. Playing extremely hard to get to drag out the inevitable, or see if someone invests the energy. Sharing way too much information at once to see how the person reacts to the "rejected version" of themself. (moon and plane in shadow, plane in shadow, couple on cliff releasing hands, person on mountain top, person looking and endless stars)

Cosmos Peractus appears above the cityscape. Humans need to redefine sex so that it becomes dimensional. It should be all-inclusive of different physical bodies, mental health issues, genders, sexual orientations... When we turn sex into an erect penis and penetration, we perpetuate a false narrative that causes suffering.
"Crazy Now" by Aerial West

Lyrics in Video

I filled up my life with you
You filled up your life with me
I filled up my summer with boys
The summer that you left me
I'm crazy now
I'm crazy now
I tried out sleeping around
And when one boy didn't like me
I fell right back down
I'm crazy now

The Divine Guide to Sex

To fully experience sex, humans must first extract it from identity. This doesn't mean we can't express preferences, be sexual, be reserved etc. It means we must stop creating space for ourselves and others to identify with how much sex they are, or are not having. Sex has become part of the human facade. One more thing for people to fabricate. (person on cliff looking at starry sky)

When we can extricate sex from identity, this allows questions. Asking a friend what works, wouldn't equate to a character defect. It would be part of the journey we are all on together. Ideally, as normalized as asking for directions. (person on mountain top, moon, grabbing person's hand)

As said before, the story of "sex" can no longer be synonymous with penile penetration. Firstly, this is an injustice to so many couples and humans. Secondly, it isn't the whole truth. So much pleasure is derived from the outer layers of genitals. (plane in darkness, moon in darkness)

When we can integrate this truth into our "sex" story, the stress around penis size can be lifted. A pressure that has done so much psychological harm. Encyclopedias can be written about what this insecurity has done to our world. (plane debris)

Now to unveil the elusive vaginal G-spot. Yes, it exists. It is along the upper, inner wall of the vagina (towards the belly button). It is a small zone, sometimes slightly rough, that requires a different kind of stimulation. Ideally, with fingers or a g-spot stimulator, make a "come hither" motion throughout the region towards the belly button. It may feel like "no man's land" and this is the challenge. You won't know you're there until you feel the spark. Focus more on finding pleasure than what might texturally feel like a "g-spot". When you've located the area, be gentle yet firm and controlled until you climax. Expect this process to take multiple attempts. (There are already many thorough guides out there in this subject.) (passageways, soft shape within layers, spiral in monochromatic passageway, skeletal landscape with dragon eating spiral, sparks in dragon mouth, colorful landscape, UFO capturing spiral with linear smoke, UFO with symbols)

When a person climaxes through G-spot stimulation, it is like no other orgasm. It sends shockwaves through every pleasure center, and each shockwave works synergistically when they are activated simultaneously. The experience is so powerful, that it can feel Divine. (spiral entering brain, smiling person, vortex, electricity, spirals within spirals, green and orange spirals turning purple)

Although this experience is exclusive to vaginas, everyone with sensation in their bodies is capable of incredible depths of pleasure. To unlock these dimensions within yourself and a partner requires understanding the following:

1. There is no bull's eye. There are acutely sensitive zones, but there are nerve endings all over. The deepest pleasure comes from playing with the varied intensities, but in a way that is somewhat rhythmic and repetitive. Masturbation is invaluable in understanding these rhythms.(repetitive waves, hole)

2. Normalize the journey to maintaining an erection. It is a dedicated practice, and we should all be appreciative of partners who put in the investment. When we equate "good sex" with a lasting erection, we are paradoxically undermining the principles of a lasting erection (and all enduring pleasure). Most importantly, a sense of calm, controlled breath, focus, and measured movements.(meditative person)

   3. Sex requires dedication and energy. Being aroused is not enough for sex to be rewarding. When we initiate sex without considering the energy involved, we risk leaving ourselves and our partners unsatisfied. Arousal without energy is good for flirtation, touching, foreplay, and masturbation. (person digging)

4. Never forget how vulnerable your partner feels during sex. Never take their mental state for granted. Make eye contact (unless they tell you not to). Be present for their experience. Ask them questions. Never treat them like a mindless body (unless they ask you to). (stone head pushed down)

4. Sex should be a full-body experience. Kissing the nape of a neck, gently scratching their back, tickling the inner thigh... All effortless actions that can have large payoffs. (touching, body parts)

5. Pay attention to stimulating arousal. Lubricant is powerful, but no amount of lubricant can compensate for the aroused human mind and body. (partial waterfall, river, scrambling fluids in bowl)

6. Human society has made this very challenging, but we need to stop expectations around sex organs. Everyone is different and it is beautiful. Be curious about how your partner's sex organ experiences pleasure. Don't immediately focus on how it will give you pleasure. You should understand your body well enough to experience pleasure with any partner. Again, masturbation is essential in this learning process.  (cityscape)

7. Dry skin, prickly stubble, bad breath, unclean... these things have a huge impact on our sex lives. Genitals are breeding grounds for bacteria, and without attention and care, we can repel our partners. Any neglect of hygiene also signals, intentional or not, that we are not invested in our partners. (beaver, underwater cave)

8. The female orgasm is a challenge because sex, for so many, has been about penetration. Among the many things to normalize, is how much of female pleasure comes from the vulva. (divers at cave entrance)

9. Sex is more about the story than the act itself. The story of our desire. The story of power dynamics. The story of attraction. The story of newness. The story of anticipation. Never stop investing in the story. This means creativity, role play, experimentation, but just as importantly it is about dialogue. It is sharing our sex dreams. Telling a partner we fantasized about them. Describing what it would be like to have sex in that public space. Maintaining flirtation and sexual dialogue is fundamental. (colorful sparkles flowing, text message)

10. Location changes renew desire. Whether it's in the kitchen, or a different country, sustaining a gratifying sex life requires it. (glimmer through trees, paradise)

11. Learn about your partner's fantasies. Share your own strange desires. Sexual fantasy is not meant to be taken literally. It is an opportunity to work out certain psychological needs. For example, the powerful CEO wanting to be dominated, or someone dressing up as an officer because they feel powerless. In a perfect world, we would work out these desires in a consensual way and with an understanding of their symbolism. Of course, there are many desires too scary to impose on partners and that's understandable. The issue here is to psychologically explore them, not impose them on someone without consent. (sparkles entering eye, dragon in the corner, Cleopatra directing, person questioning, black and white worker, dragon)

12. Get to know your partner before "talking dirty." Everyone has different likes and dislikes, and it can come off as very abrasive or derogatory. "Dirty talk" can be very sexy, but it requires familiarity and trust for many. (bears looking down, growling in faces)

13. Ask your sexual partner what consent looks like for them. There are many traumatized people who freeze and are unable to say "no" out of fear and/or due to dissociation. Don't assume no resistance is consent. This topic can create a lot of fear around sex, but it just requires open dialogue. If someone is unable to have that conversation because they are too intoxicated, then they are also unable to consent. (lock on treasure chest)

From this point onward, few humans have traveled and there can be no guide.

Until humans embrace their inter-dimensional, energetic and intuitive experiences, much of sex remains an untapped universe. We have the potential to join in another's energy field, joint astral travel, have sex with another’s consciousness (consensually), feel pleasure without physical constraints... When two energies combine we open a portal, but this is a world humans have barely skimmed. (partially opened treasure chest)

There is no guide to get there, for it is as individual as the spiritual journey. Everyone has different intuitive abilities and requires surrendering different aspects of themselves. All that is certain is we must have love and trust for the person we are with, and detach from the mind. Then it’s open connection with the other, and presence in our body, that guide us through this terrain. (planets embedded)

Cosmos Peractus appears in the sparkling eye. Our sexual experiences have the depth we do. As we expand, sex expands. As we evolve, sex evolves. Sex is the exploration of the unconscious mind with pleasure attached. Humans have yet to acknowledge how much of their Humanity and shadow they have faced and healed through sex. 

"Spring Bottom" and "The Moss" by Cosmo Sheldrake

Lyrics in Video

Come listen, all ye fair maids, to how the moral goes
Nobody knew and nobody knows



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