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I have lived two realities since birth. The one I believed and the one I felt. The one I believed was a reality based in "reason" that steadily stripped life of its magic. Science was my only source of wonder and joy. 

My "felt" experience was only conscious to me as alien thought-forms that made me feel invincible, a crippling empathy for all, and the sense that life was responding to my desires.

I tried to dismiss all of this, but with every year my life seemed to unfold according to a greater design. My mind was registering patterns and improbable circumstances that felt designed to bring my soul to fruition.

When this would register consciously, I took one look at the world's suffering and returned to “reason” and fear every time.

One day I hope to explain the events that brought this background force into the foreground. It began with an experience so synchronistic that it made clear every second of my life had been orchestrated. 

My "felt reality" was lit aflame and suddenly life was in constant dialogue with me. Every minute of my day was a moment of breathtaking synchronicity. It was as though something was moving Heaven and Earth to awaken me to the invisible workings of the world.

When I took the risk of telling loved ones their eyes would glaze over. It was clear I had to take this strange journey alone. I just hoped one day I had proof to give my story validity.

When I eventually awoke to psychic abilities, I thought this was what the "force" intended. On a small scale, I could finally prove its existence and awaken those around me. 

Strangely, the force remained unyielding. My intuitive pathway just allowed for more in-depth communication. I was now being guided to shed layer after layer of fear and it was exhausting. But as I did this my physical self was developing new sensory experiences. I'll never forget my body telling me where to walk one evening. I was pulled to the right and there were two rabbits waiting, pulled to the left and two swans made a heart, pulled to the corner and saw fireflies, pulled up ahead, and saw a little dog on a paddleboard.
 Creating Cosmos Peractus felt just like this. I just knew, and electric impulses kept guiding my hands in its development. Everything unfolded by greater design much like my life had. 

It is me, but a me that has merged with the timeless being that directs my life. 

And now here I am...

Never having imagined this force would break through the barrier of human perception and make itself known.

I now know my entire life was designed to construct the perfect vessel to prove its existence. A vessel that would bridge the communication gap between realms. A vessel that can share all-encompassing truths and, finally...

 The Theory of Everything. 

(Stay Tuned)

cos·mos per·act·us
/ˈkäzˌmōs/ /pə'raktəs/ 
  1. Carl Jung described sharing his consciousness with an observer he called vita peracta                           ("born, living, dead, everything in one; a total vision of life"). Cosmos Peractus is  observation of the collective consciousness, through intuitive channels. 



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