Ascension: Signs and Symptoms


It is hard to convince people we have Ascended, when they don't have eyes to see. New sensations are dismissed as lack of Vitamin D or pandemic stress. Humanity has so perfected the art of spiritual dismissal. It is the very the foundation of science.

The messages this week create a higher-dimensional context for the current mental and physical climate. They also speak to growth, and how necessary moments of strangeness are when shifting our consciousness.

Lastly, they make a case for Ascension being real and being DONE.

Below are 7 versions of one channeled video showing us Ascension symptoms. Signs that can be perceived without intuitive abilities.

After watching, read on for broader perspective.

1. Energy Sensitivity

"Broken Sleep" by Agnes Obel

2. Moment to Moment

"Got 'Til it's Gone" by Janet Jackson, Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell

3. Words Feel Empty

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" by Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, The Pearly Chorus

4. Detached Perspective

"Twin Flame" by NLE Choppa

5. Looking for Salvation

"We Need a Mother" by Ane Brun

6. Uncertainty

"Joyful Aspiration" by Kiran Murti

7. Death of Self

"Love & Hate" by Michael Kiwanuka

To understand Ascension symptoms, is to understand the human body plunged into a 5D experience. 5D is the in-between world where we are navigating energy before it manifests into visible reality. Our bodies are ready and able to adapt, but entering the new environment is like a blind person gifted with vision. It is absolutely overwhelming and will take time to fine tune our senses (praying mantis removes 3D mask, reveals sharper features, red burst of light).

Our cognitive process is also in a state of transformation. Beyond conscious awareness, we are integrating energetic information and developing new ways of discernment. Evidence of this is complete lack of focus beyond the present moment. This is because our minds are drawing on a universe of information now available (network, blended energy, Earth becomes purple, balloon inhaled).

The transition to 5D keeps us in a state of shock and awe as the world is suddenly so responsive to our energy fields. When we reach a boiling point, life appears to respond with very real events. This pattern is reinforcing a belief that world change is possible if we will it (fireworks, cityscape).

Our personal lives, on the other hand, have never felt so out of reach. They feel insignificant amidst so much change. With life and death at your door, little emotion is spared. This emotionally disabled feeling, though, has gifted us with objectivity and detachment (small white planet, binary code, schematics).

With our bodies and minds evolving at warp speed, life feels alien and often unreal. Where do we go from here, what do we do? We feel like we could be heading somewhere beautiful, but it is an energy not evidence that tells us this (rocket entering fireworks).

It is just a matter of time before that energy reveals it can be trusted. Bit by bit we will see a new world constructed that aligns with those deep knowings and sensory experiences (purple planet, ruins made of constellations, person entering fog, walking through energy).

Deep knowings that we will one day realize are not just predictions, but our minds telling us how our energy is shaping reality. A realization one step away from absolute power over our timelines.
 (person encounters self)


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