The Divine Perfection of 2020


To those who believe in higher dimensions, this year was a detachment from everything blocking Earth's Ascension. For those who do not, this year was an apocalypse signaling the end of the world. 

The channeled videos illuminate the true perspective on 2020. 

The highest viewpoint.

When viewing things from the highest perspective you must first understand energy. Focused energy which shapes reality. Masculine and Feminine energy which influences humanity's balance and evolution. The million other energies responsible for life. 

This year, all these energetic domains were aggressively re-balancing for humanity's survival. This is the unseen perfection of 2020.

How does this relate to Ascension and higher dimensions? Our Ascension is the next step in the evolution of our species. We must ascend to survive.

Evolution has only ever been Ascension, its just the term doesn't recognize our growth is supported by energy, time, and higher dimensions. Our species is not on this journey alone; we are synergistically in collaboration with the entire universe.

Read on to understand 2020 in 20/20.

(One Channeled Video x 5 Intuited Songs/Audio)

Mortality in 20/20

Humanity, understandably, is in constant denial of death. We focus on the smallest elements of life and pleasure to exist in a state of death avoidance (crystallization, pastels). This leaves us making decisions about our world that do not take death and darkness into consideration (pixelated game)

This year, death was "packaged" so that humanity could survive it and integrate it into consciousness (colorful diamond, hands touching, immortal jellyfish). This meant experiencing the trauma (jellyfish in storm), the acceptance (door in desert crossroad) and enough psychological pressure (door closing in on cross, skull forming) to make it a daily thought process.

It is only when mortality is part of our cognitive landscape (skull in desert), that we will be offered some reprieve (skull washes away). Notably, the U.S. had the largest death toll on Earth, and the U.S. is in the greatest state of death denial on Earth. For example, the U.S. suffers few attacks on its soil, yet is constantly initiating war overseas.

By the end of 2020, we will have a more practical experience of mortality (shore, empty cage morphing). One that will allow deeper engagement, empathy and neutrality on the subject (matrix around cage).

This clarity is needed to make decisions on collective survival versus short-term pacification (blue alarm, Earth, jellyfish in circle, circles on map, red spotted Earth entering vortex).

"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

Humanity in 20/20

Humanity does not feel the weight of its existence. A lot of this is due to the above denial of death (crystallization blending into pixelated game). We'd have to look death square in the face to contemplate ourselves on this scale (hands in sky, touch diamond, immortal jellyfish dying in storm).

Our belief systems, until now, only answered questions about our individual afterlife. There was little belief about actual life,  collective life or collective death (doorway, desert, cross in doorway, energy in one skull, one skull in desert).

Beliefs were just tools to soothe fears of our own death. They were not rooted in connectedness, or emotional neutrality (skull in water).

This year, the energies were trying to correct this on multiple cosmic scales. First, we stopped engaging in our old beliefs and focused on problem solving a year of catastrophe (cage, outer matrix, alarm towards Earth).

Second, waves of humans were upgraded to channel universal knowledge (jellyfish enters circle). Third, the universe aggressively orchestrated synchronicity after synchronicity so we could not revert to our old beliefs (map with circles).

The final shift will come when the human channels share the context for the synchronicities and events. They will be tapped into the same source, so their consistency will force us to create a new collective truth (red spotted globe entering vortex).

A truth that is freeing. One where we feel bliss when contemplating our existence. We can then make decisions about our collective survival from a state of peace, trust, and truth.

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" Series 

Praying in 20/20

The subjects of mortality, humanity and praying are all branches of the same tree. The fear of death and what it has done to our focus.

The praying video just sheds light on one critical aspect. Our fear of death, has forced valuable energy inward. Humans have become programmed to examine themselves through the lens of "sin." Regardless of your beliefs, you engage in this unconscious programming born out of fear of eternal damnation (crystallization, pixels, divine hands pointing, cross in doorway, skull in lens, energy in skull).

This year has been a drastic intervention on this wasted energy. We've been bombarded with challenges and logistics that were intended to thwart this internal process (drowning skull, empty cage, matrix outside cage, alarm towards Earth, jellyfish in circle, circles on map, spotted globe enters vortex).

These logistics, when their purpose is understood, are no less miraculous than any synchronicity. Yes, we are in a pandemic, but ask yourself about the steady stream of wrenches thrown at your daily life. They are often too ridiculous to be true.

"Crucify" by Tori Amos

The Masculine in 20/20

As my other posts have explained, the Masculine energy has been on an excruciating journey this year. They created 3D reality, and now it is being stripped from them. It has to be for the Feminine to influence our survival.

Behind the scenes, the Feminine has been entranced in formulating a new version of reality (pastel crystallization, blending). One that is solidified enough to have real world application (pixelated game). This experience was perpetual Divine intervention (hands in sky, diamond).

While she has been lost to this process, the Masculine energies have felt useless (jellyfish dies). This too was part of the Divine plan. They had to face every bitter fragment of the reality they created (doorway in desert, closing in on cross).

Once that reality lost its meaning, the self followed. Who are we if the reality we adapted to doesn't exist? (lens on skull, skull with energy, skull in desert).

They were left emotionally depleted as all the old ways of being provided no relief (skull washed away, empty cage). The Divine did provide enough synchronicity and magic to help retain their life force (jellyfish in circle)Those bits of magic are all they can attach to now, but they are not oriented to that world (map with circles).

A painful and necessary experience for a higher reality to ground in their perception. One that will come when they are ready to receive the Feminine's 5D blueprints (red spotted Earth in vortex).

"The Ascension" by Sufjan Stevens

The Feminine in 20/20

The Feminine has been entrapped in a Divine Matrix. One with a stunning stream of magic and synchronicity. She can barely breathe without stumbling onto one glorious revelation after the next (pastel crystallization). A carefully crafted maze that adapted the Feminine to a new reality (crystals blend into pixelated game).

An important aspect of this maze, is separation from Masculine energies and views. She is too often oppressed by his condescension and skepticism to allow her intuition to solidify (jellyfish falls into ocean, door opens, pressure in door makes solid shape).

While she explored this higher dimensional reality, the Masculine was tasked with rendering 3D reality useless (skull with currents, skull in desert, skull in water turns to empty cage).

They have to reach such a desperate polarity of belief and non-belief, before they can they join forces. The Feminine must have all the answers and the Masculine must be desperate enough to receive them (dying jellyfish enters circle, circles on map).

This swapping of realities will propel us forward. This is because the Feminine has been granted access to universal truth, and if this informs our collective reality, humanity will ascend and survive (spotted Earth enters vortex)

We will see the way forward in 20/20.

"Some Velvet Morning" by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra


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