The Beginning of the End


You are being swept up in chaos like you've never seen before. 

Pay attention. 

This is what the end of the 3D world looks like.

Pay closer attention. 

Notice the walls closing in on you are the walls in your mind. What appears to be the bottom dropping out, is you being unable to attach to 3D reality for stability.

Every inkling that there are larger forces at work, are all you have right now. 

It is time to ground in the larger orchestration of life. To feel the direction of energy, of emotion, of symbols. To observe the mirrors and synchronicities and have them be our only tools for navigation.

That's all that's ever been true of life, but we kept choosing control and attachment of the minutia. 

As these false attachments are pulled from our grip, it will feel like drowning. Go with it. Don't look back.

It is all happening so you can witness the Divine at work; truly observe the impossible made possible. If you can surrender, you will be gifted with a clear behind the scenes of our new reality.

Read on to see how all is unfolding according to Divine plan.

(One Channeled Video x 3 Intuited Songs)

The Beginning of the End

We are already in the new world, but still embodying the energies of the old one (cat at exit, person vanishing into purple). We feel a separateness from our old lives, but don't know where to look to confirm life's transformation (horizon, tiny version of first scene).

 The answers lie in our internal state. We cannot look to 3D reality for signs of newness, when the 5D is experienced through sensation, and intuition (meteor, horizon turns brown)

To force this internal transition, we are being sent shockwaves that strip us bare. Everything we relied on to feel solid from a 3D perspective, must feel too fluid to cling to (statue, people, cyclone reveals frame of person).

This leaves us with only ourselves to take hold of. We have no choice but to control our perspective the way we once tried to control life (attached cat, electric currents)

And, because all of life feels like it is in ruins, this perspective shift must include all of life (cat eyes with many dots, darkened landscape, darkened Earth). This is where the magic and divinity we've experienced can no longer remain fragmented. We are being cornered into having the magic congeal into a new reality (gold specks, gold world, gold fabric).

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

To ground here, is to know ourselves as Divine, and open ourselves up to Divine guidance (purple cells, cosmic hole with shapes entering). Before long our outer reality will change accordingly (meteor in hole, blue cosmic backdrop).

The first visible change will be the Feminine and Masculine forces finding oneness (feminine figure, wolf eye, double helix). With this integration of the Feminine, new stories about life will follow.

The Feminine will finally have reason to tap into her true voice. Not the voice censored for Masculine approval, but her Divine Feminine voice. She will then remember she is a channel to universal knowledge (book on tree, water, Feminine figure).

  With a symphony of Divine Feminine voices, it will become clearer and clearer that they are tapping into the same network of information. With enough of this mirroring, the world will trust this information to guide us forward (green sparkling line, interlinking trees, path, feminine hovering).

The Divine, as always, will assist with magic and synchronicity. Clear signs that we are on the right path and to keep going. When this is no longer enough, the Divine will enlist a human being to help us find our focus (sparkling bird, person in purple flame).

A Divine Feminine positioned front and center. A voice of truth who will keep us unified on our journey into cosmic oneness.

"When the World was at War We Kept Dancing" by Lana Del Rey

The Middle of the End

The middle of our transition, is just the second wave of beings ascending. People whose only means of detaching from 3D reality is witnessing others detach from 3D reality. In other words, these are people who will need evidence in the 3D that it is safe to detach from the 3D.  (people at the base of the statue, audience in song).

Whatever the impetus, their journey will be nearly identical. They will arrive where they need to, but the belief system will not be of their formulation. They will look to the Divine Feminine for the answers.

"Don't Dream it's Over (Live)" by Neil Finn

The End of the World

The true end of 3D reality will come when we all detach from it. When the process illustrated no longer has any effect. The ground beneath our feet has dropped, but our new belief system is fully formed to catch us before we fall.

"I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash


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