Love and the Higher Dimensions


There are encrypted messages about our Ascension in the channeled video this week. The topic is "in love" because submerging "in higher dimensions" is the same energetic experience. We come up against the exact same barriers. Is this real? Am I worthy? Science tells me its all chemicals and atoms. Only the negative feels valid. This must be a fantasy of my creation.

For this reason, love has always been our Divine guide to the higher realms. It is the only higher dimensional experience humanity has accepted. This allows love to be our link to the other nebulous experiences that constitute the 5D. Love illuminates the same pathways.

Now more than ever, the Divine needs us to trust those deeper knowings in spite of a 3D world that frames the inner life as just obstacles to overcome. Our ability to navigate our ascension depends on it. 

The Divine is assisting this process by orchestrating powerful demonstrations of love. This forces our focus inward, and uses the promise of bliss to lure us into the subtler internal realms. 

This week’s messages explain this process. How love has always been our guide, and how Divine love is being used to propel us into a new world. 

(When you watch the videos, look for our transition into higher dimensions. We see humans dissolving into a world beyond our own. One we can not see, yet we can feel internal mechanics being constructed for it. We can feel the heaviness of its energy, for it is all energy, but we continue to live out our days like the 3D robots we once were.)

Read on to see how love guides us to Higher Dimensional living.

(One Channeled Video x 3 Intuited Songs. Please Watch FULL SCREEN)

The Feminine in Love

Gender roles are the enemy of love. They are what we've replaced love with and why love feels so implausible. 

For me to guide you to love's path, I must show you how gender deviates us from love's path. I must show you that what the world has labeled love, was a person meeting society's gender roles with impeccability.

For the Feminine, she enters love having spent a lifetime believing lovability is being playful, flirtatious, sexy, easygoing... No messages that allow her to be lovable and have all the dark aspects that come with being human (dark hole meets flowers).

When falling in love, she is consumed with compartmentalizing her darkness (hole become square). Love becomes a world where she must have this enormous loss of self to sustain it (white squares, shadow).

This type of perfection is taxing and empty. The Feminine always reaches a threshold where the pain of emptiness is worth the risk of sharing some of her shadow (boxes become clouds, positive imagery becomes negative).

She takes this leap believing wholeheartedly that she could be rejected the same way she shames herself internally (body rejecting hand). That moment of acceptance, if it comes, is where we get our first glimpse of true love (Cosmos Peractus)

This phase is not an easy one, no matter the acceptance. Depending on the Feminine's shame, she could believe the relationship remains at risk. This is a "radioactive" stage where the Feminine believes she has proven herself unlovable and has a hard time grounding (acidic triangle becomes fragmented lines).

This phase is often where love dies. Not because the Feminine was rejected, but because she put her partner through so many tests and questionings to affirm the love is real (triangles become pipelines)

This pressure chamber can annihilate love, or be another testament to it. If a partner can experience all this, and in total freedom make the choice of commitment, true love has found a way (person staring at city, green rectangle in emptiness).

Many Feminines don't allow for this choice. They choose entrapment, and miss the opportunity to travel love's path.

If there is authentic commitment, made from love, the Feminine goes through another round of resolving insecurities. She becomes hyper-focused on her partner respecting the parameters of the commitment (boxes within green rectangle).

This stage is a direct result of Masculine stereotypes. The Feminine has been taught the Masculine is deceptive and adulterous. There are no stories told where the Masculine feels authentic love.  If there are, it is because he is swept up in mystery, appearance and the chase. (shadowy person staring at city, empty box in heart)

If the Feminine can overcome these oppressive stereotypes, and find faith in her partner, this is love in action (green chaos, slimy green heart). What follows is a truer experience of her partner and of love (shadow, green covered by clothing).

This same experience also leaves her skeptical of all societal constructs. The same beliefs that shaped her reality, and felt so true, that she nearly destroyed love a thousand times over (person drowning in pool).

The Feminine becomes so ungrounded in her old reality that she must step foot into a new one. A reality that beckons her forward with a single question. "If love is real, what else is real?" (green pool in city, spirit leaving hole in small building, recording)

Mazzy Stars' "Fade Into You"

 The Masculine in Love

The Masculine enters love with the belief that he has too much darkness for something so pure (black hole, flowers). That love requires compartmentalizing all his "perversions" and shames (white box).

 This side of him is always revealed whether intentionally or unintentionally (positive or negative imagery). The way a partner (or parent) handles it has a significant impact on his approach to relationships. Unfortunately, the Masculine always goes through some degree of shaming that forces him to create a secret life - a split self where he can indulge and contend with his shadow (shadow hand holds person)

To ever experience true love, the Masculine must experience loving exploration of this darkness (acidic triangle, red crystallizing into pipelines). If he doesn't, he is all too vulnerable to losing himself to the depths of his shadow (person staring at city with empty landscape near heart).

The partner that creates a safe container for this process is the purest experience of love the Masculine can perceive. (green box, boxes within boxes, green chaos, shadow in green, slimy heart, Cosmos Peractus on chest). This love serves to free the Masculine from the shame that depletes his life force (button up over green, drowning in pool).

Because society's construct of Masculinity is the foundation of our world, love is more of an awakener for the Masculine than Feminine. If he can overcome himself with love, he has unknowingly challenged all societal paradigms (green pool in city, recording of home, hole in wall, pixelation, spirit)

A process so powerful, that he is left believing in love and little else.

Kimbra's "Warrior"

The Truth in Love

The higher dimensions are trying to remove societal barriers to love, so love can seamlessly guide us through humanity's Ascension. This intervention began by introducing Divine Love to our realm. A love that spans all dimensions, links us to our higher self, our soul, and shocks us into aliveness (black hole into flowers).

It is a love so perfect, that it instantaneously destroys the fabric of our reality (white cube dissolving, spirit dissolving). We immediately ask ourselves the questions it once took a lifetime of love to ask (positive imagery becomes negative, cubes become clouds).

When it was introduced to our world, the Feminine awakened to it first. This is because of her innate intuitive abilities, and fewer societal restrictions on her emotions (Feminine figure, shadow hand). For Divine Love to then illuminate her inner pathways, the Feminine had to be kept in a state of separation from her Divine Lover (shadow hand unable to touch)

This Divine Love could not be affirmed by any societal definitions of love, for that would keep her looking to 3D reality for answers (acidic triangle). She had no choice but to piece together an alternate reality that could make sense of her experience (triangle becomes dimensional, pipelines).

Meanwhile, the Masculine could not perceive this Divine Love, because his definition of love is so obscure, so unfeeling, and based on societal framework. Divine Love was all but invisible to him (figure staring at 3D reality, empty space in heart).

What he could see, is a being he felt unworthy of. Someone he was certain would reject him the way he rejects himself. In fact, that is Divine Love's perfection for the Masculine. His Divine Lover perfectly mirrors to him his shadow self. The darkness he most overcome if he is to ever know love (green frame, black matrix, green chaos, slimy heart, shadow gains clarity).

It is when the Masculine has faced every bit of his shadow, that he is thrust into the full embodiment of Divine Love (closing suit on green, drowning in green pool). He must be so convinced his shadow is real,  that being gifted with a love so perfect makes him question his very existence (city, green pool, green explosion, recording, pixelated home, hole where spirit leaves).

We see this part of the journey end with a very Feminine Cosmos Peractus mandala. This is the point where the Feminine will guide him with her higher dimensional road map. The one traversed when finding a reality that could ever manifest Divine Love.

Stay tuned to see if all will unfold  according to Divine plan. 

Sufjan Steven's "Mystery of Love"



  1. Sighing with relief over here. Feeling grounded in the deeper and deeper nudge of what is internal (internal cues), connected to all yet invisible to all...thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. Yes, we are being asked to ground up, ground in... no longer ground down. It's astonishing to think about. Thank you for commenting <3


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