The Decay of the Masculine

Masculine energies are on a brutal journey towards ascension. Every attempt to cling to what they have known, now results in suffering. They are being asked to detach from the 3D reality of their creation. A world of strategy, power, organization and control.

A world where Masculine forces surge unchecked, and only Divine intervention can correct the imbalance.

This week we learn the Divine course of action set in motion. The journey the Masculine must take to overcome himself, and enter a blissful symbiotic existence with the Feminine. 

Sadly, I have also intuited the journey of those who do not and can not take this leap into the new world.

***I use “He” but these messages will apply to anyone who embodies masculine energy. I know quite a few cisgender women on this journey.***

Read on for the intuited explanations.

(Same Channeled Video Backwards & Forwards, Songs Intuited Last)


The Masculine's evolution has been stunted by the restricted emotional expression society allows. The disconnect to his emotions is so severe, that most emotions are felt as physical sensations without meaning (white background, subtle waves of color).

Unfortunately, this keeps him at the emotional age of when he first shut off his feelings. This makes healing unbearable, as every time he looks inward he must face his child self that was wounded, and then shamed for expressing it (person waving arms for help in the dark).

With childhood wounds unhealed, he is destined to relive those moments again and again. Anything that slightly resembles those early-life shaming experiences, will send him spiraling into darkness (lightening, black stormy hole).

When he does fall down this hole, his ability to pull himself out is also restricted (skull, heartbeat on a grid). This is because the vulnerability and connection he desperately seeks is the same vulnerability that caused his childhood wounding. 

This exact point of pain and paralysis is where the Divine is intervening (Cosmos Peractus on the heartbeat grid). The Masculine has a "template" he uses to find self-redemption after moments of deep despair. The Divine has made this template null and void (shape tearing into graph and revealing cosmic scene).

 First, the Divine cornered the Masculine into experiencing his inner world through a terrifying mix of childhood vulnerability and fear (green fog, black fog on skull). The pandemic has provided infinite means of accomplishing this.

Then the Divine presented enough synchronicity to solidify the existence of Divine Intelligence (cosmic scene becomes backbone)The Masculine, of course, tried to revert to his old way of being, but the Divine taunted him with visions of Divine fulfillment (flashes of pale grid, cosmic colored grid). Visions of a blissful existence, that were his for the taking, provided he surrender his rigidity and control.

This constant contrast made his life intolerable. His emotional world inevitably short-circuited (electric current, darkness). He now faces a new darkness. The extinction of all his old ways of being, and the realization that the only way forward is through Divine fulfillment (dark cosmic grid).

This has left him vulnerable as he is tasked with understanding the "in-between" world of emotion and energy (uncooked dough, hot oil). In other words, the Feminine way.

Never before, has the Masculine desperately needed Feminine logic to survive (blue smoke revealing pink smoke on skull). Never before, has "Feminine" felt powerful (rapper on pink stage). The Masculine is now primed to surrender to the Feminine as his Ascension guide.

There is just one last short-circuiting the Divine had to accomplish for Masculine Ascension... 


The Masculine had to be freed from the sexual fixation used to pacify his emotional voids.

This was accomplished by the pandemic making sex all too accessible, or all too impossible. Whether through too much sexual activity with a partner (pigeons having sex), or exhaustive exploration of fantasy and porn (purple tunnel, blood cells, images of women, stomach), sex had to lose its potency (goofy face becoming serious).

The Masculine had to fulfill or exhaust that part of himself, in order to find his focus (goofy face becomes serious within male frame).

The Masculine is now so detached from his internal mechanics, that he can explore a new way of being. 
(hole leading up, starry sky) 

But he just sits on this ledge, too afraid to fall. 
(hole leading to sky)

This is because he is asked to form a new life without certainty, without logic, without science (foggy Shiva)

A life where every step is guided by faith in love and his own Divinity.

If he only knew the beauty that awaits him.

("Mercy Mercy Me" by Marvin Gaye)


For every Masculine energy ascending, there are thousands decaying. These are Masculine energies facing the above extinction, but rather than choose the Feminine, they choose internal death (or physical death).

These Masculine are unmoved, first and foremost, because they believe the Feminine is inferior (goofy face), purely for sexual gratification (sexy pose) and/or one-dimensional (woman looking at butterfly).

Secondly, even though sex has lost its grip, this Masculine sees sex as a power dynamic. One that provides him with a sense of authority, even if there's no other satisfaction (pigeons having sex). Those who view sex in this way, are the same who engage in other desperate grabs at power that include racism (white pigeon on black pigeon).

This Masculine is also unexposed to Feminine logic. They have dedicated too much of their livelihoods to subjugating and silencing the Feminine (pink background rapper backing away, blue smoke overcoming pink smoke on skeleton)

This is a process that has included invalidating her emotions (frying dough), dismissing her belief systems (cosmic template back and forth with neutral template), not allowing her to make decisions (backbone dissolving to sky), not providing her with information (darkened shape becoming light in graph paper), and general elimination of her influence (empty graph paper).

Every Masculine has participated in these acts, but the degree varies. One thing is certain, the Masculine who will not experience Ascension, is the Masculine who wishes death to the Feminine. This includes literal acts of murder, rape, assault, harassment, stalking, abuse, and general snuffing out of her will to live.

This Masculine must face a dark descent into their being with no answers and no escape (stormy black hole). His only chance at salvation being to embody the helpless child he has been running from (person asking for help inside).

Stay tuned.

("I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)



The synchronicity of the channeled videos continues to strengthen. The scene at the start was an intuited clip of a real microscopic organism. I "knew" to use mirror effect, and as you'll see in the full video, it goes from a clownish face to a very real pair of eyes

This is similar to the "People to the Power" video, where I used mirror effect on a moving nebula, and it looked like I had animated a phallic face forming a cyclops eye and fangs.

In "Myths of the Feminine" I used footage of ice cave exploration, and it turned into the perfect 3D anatomy of a female!

I don't know how much magic comes across when people watch these channelings, but I wish people could see the degree of magic and synchronicity that goes into their creation. 


  1. I’ve been seeing MANY masculine energies change in the last month. Listening to emotional reason, changing views.

    1. I see a combination - those who are listening a little more intently, challenging a lot less, and then those who are terrifyingly stubborn and depleted.


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