People to the Power

The pandemic has placed us in a position of complete interconnectedness. We have become one. 

Our old systems thrived on division. 

Chaos must now ensue.

The baby shower balloons and fires were intuited before news broke out about a gender reveal party starting the California wildfire. I will post the time stamps and more information in my Instagram Stories.

(One Channeled Video x 8 [4x Backwards], 8 Intuited Song Versions)


Power, as we know it today, began as "perfect" opportunities. Someone with enough separation and perspective, made calculations on human susceptibility (person in tall building away from chaos)

First, they saw humanity at its most vulnerable when there were limited resources (heavily populated mountain town). Then there is further depletion when people divert energy into battling each other under false pretenses (different shapes and colors in meaningless conflict). Battling over religion, or race offers no resolution, and therefore is an endless diversion of the people's power.

Lastly, periods of devastation and trauma strip us to our core (wreckage). All the above circumstances are how "Gods" are created. (overseer formed above wreckage)

Once we allowed the formation of power structures out of desperation, life as we knew it was taken from us. Those power structures never did solve our problems. What we got instead, was power structures hell bent on sustaining and spreading their power (tentacles sprouting).

Sustaining power among huge populations (above Earth) resulted in fear, and investigations into our personal psychologies (above couple). Immediately, it was understood that people implicitly hand over their power to older, wealthy, light-skinned, masculine men (Theodore Roosevelt, wink in feminine eye). This has many origins, but most importantly is our history with Fathers.

Secondly, they had to present as having a breadth of knowledge and influence that surpassed the average person (face on planet). Key word is present (face disappears in solar system)

Fast forward to 2020, a divine force (purple fire) has removed the grip power has over us (web vanishes). We are in early stages, but the realizations are beginning to mount.

Just as power ran its course, so will our emancipation. We've already started at power's outermost limits - our personal lives. Our shift began when those in power had direct influence over our family's well-being (under couple). We began obsessing (computer screen)and truly SEEING how callously and impulsively leaders handle our lives (balloons distracting from smoke and fire).

This allowed us ALL to see power as not just theoretical and impacting far away regions or minorities (painted and skin-colored globe, closer and closer fires). Empathy was finally, finally born for what the majority of the world has to endure. 

Beautifully, our leaders were stripped down, and a new type of person given deep regard - "the essential worker" (underground, truck, buildings, pyramid, soldiers)

This changed our vision of the world dramatically. Those in power now appear as tiny specks on the horizon (castle tops in forest).

Finally SEEING those on the ground floor, has deepened our connection with humanity (Earth horizon). Millions of people are now in focus, and consequently, this gives them power. Who you value, is who you empower.

Thus begins the dawn of a new age (Earth entering the Sun).

Cosmos Peractus is written on the Earth under the God-like figure. A symbol for power being non-existent without humanity's will.



For millions of years, humanity has had the power of a thousand Suns. That power has been mishandled, as we try to direct it into the unfortunate systems we live in (Earth vanishing into Sun).

Beyond that, we become discouraged when imagining our voice being drowned out (light on horizon). This is made all the worse in a society that only draws attention to those in the highest echelons (castle tops over trees).

The world appears to be comprised of a small revered group, and billions of "soldiers" (soldier memorial) doing that group's bidding (pyramid).

The reality is quite different (road transition). It is those billions that have created civilization from the ground up (underground, truck). We built the very structures that allow for power to thrive (tall buildings, pyramids).

In fact, we are all you can see when you take a panoramic view (sky view)

Until this century, our power was lost to us. We could only see as far as our horizon (outside building), and were made complacent by the little good we experienced in our communities (balloons distracting from fire, smoke).

The internet changed everything (computer). Those we dismissed as "other" (skin-colored planet, mostly brown) were seen with more dimension. We were granted a window into people's personal struggles (couple) which enhanced our empathy. 

The access to knowledge of all kinds grew more intricate (web). No longer did any leader possess knowledge that we could not (face disappears in solar system)

With knowledge accessible to all (overseer in the eye), those who were considered "God-like" are exposed (Theodore Roosevelt's face revealed).

We now understand the psychology of power in a way once reserved for those trying to take power (overseer above Earth transitions to wreckage).

What has become evident, is the person in power embodies the prejudices, narcissism and cruelty that mirrors humanity's own susceptibilities (battling shape diagram) - humans collapse when divided, in the presence of narcissism, and the abusive. 

We are now at the dawn of a new age. One where we have tried EVERYTHING, AND we have the world at our fingertips (Sun imprint, Earth).

Cosmos Peractus is on the crosswalk. A testament to the power of taking to the streets, and the impact we can make by disrupting daily life.



The Universe is seen as many disjointed and nonsensical forces (shapes in conflict). We recognize life was mystically created, but all we see is that same life resulting in pain and destruction (gray landscape becomes wreckage).

What we don't realize is the Universe isn't the source of that pain. MANKIND IS (face above wreckage). It is handing over our power to Men (quite literally males), that has been our demise. 

One might say, "But the Universe created Mankind". Yes, but the problem arises because Mankind can channel Universal energies (Being over Earth)

Once we lost sight of Universal forces, and believed other humans to be the source of power, civilization declined. People were directing evolution who barely understood their own personal lives (spec observing couple)

Life entered further destruction, when we birthed a form of "hyper masculinity". This was part of a natural selection that formed as we repeatedly elected a certain masculine prototype to guide our existence (Thomas Jefferson)

The Universe created a humanity that is balanced, and has a foundation for peace. This was lost as we became a masculine world. The biggest factor being women learning we are only what men think of us (male winking in female eye)

Women learned through unending violence, that we are to keep a tidy home, be cheerful, celebrate male accomplishment, have babies, have feminine appearances, minimal education and only focus on artistic and social pursuits (pink baby shower balloons, couple on beach, painted globe, distorted computer screen)

When we did not do this we were met with unspeakable crimes against humanity including witch hunts, rape, murder, assault, domestic violence and further degradation of the soul (fire and smoke surrounding balloons).

The world had reached a point where this was business as usual and life took on a degree of hopelessness (boring panoramic view). Amidst this bleakness, Universal forces had been conspiring below ground, (underground, truck) and a select few were chosen to start a global awakening (two cars traveling).

This group is one that lived many lives, holds ancient wisdom, embodies deep empathy, unbreakable hope and, most importantly, sees themselves as no different than the rest of humanity (soldiers)

The Universe has been gifting this group with the key to manifestation and Universal law (pyramid), bringing their intuitive abilities to fruition (view of Earth horizon), and unlocking the dormant power within them (Earth entering Sun).

That group will impact the collective through universal laws of shared consciousness, their vibration, and the wisdom they will share with the world (Sun indentation).

Cosmos Peractus is written in that indentation. Why? Because you reading this is all part of the plan.



The power of the Mind is it can hold Universes within it. (Sun spitting out Earth)

Look around you. Pyramids, skyscrapers, railways, cars, entire landscapes, technology, mechanics, factories... THE MIND DID THAT. 

The Mind knows no limit because it was created to evolve us into higher planes of consciousness.

This brings us to the mind's devastating duality. It can create worlds with very little information, and the information we now receive is based in fear and division (distorted screen, skin-colored globe). When all the mind is "fed" is empty gratification (balloons) and catastrophe (fires), we have met the brain's Achille's heal.

 This set of circumstances stunts our mental development and keeps us in a state of fight/flight. Our emotions and cognitive ability retain childlike traits (purple speck under couple) because our minds can barely evolve beyond survival.

Because of this, we unconsciously create space for outer authorities to step in and enact their will (face creates web, face in eye, Thomas Jefferson)We learn too late in life, that there is no authority beyond life itself (face reveals shapes, mirrored landscape, elderly person)

On our death beds, we always have the stark realization that our lives were our creation (Earth enters Sun). It is that moment when fear is no longer in operation that we are struck with our innate power.

Cosmos Peractus is in the indentation within the Sun. A call to realize this power before it is useless to you.



This topic deserves a list (by no means is it complete), because the ways we relinquish power could fill encyclopedias. 

1. Feeling like you "need" to be intoxicated because of the state of the world ("I was high")

2. Looking the other way (person avoiding outside chaos)

3. Taking action only when in your backyard (chaos in town)

4. Leaving something you've seen to a Higher Power (overseer, wreckage)

5. Believing evil in the world is due to a Higher Power (overseer, Earth)

6. Following orders that are unethical (overseer, couple)

7. Trusting politicians PERIOD (Thomas Jefferson)

8. Believing history as told by White Males (face on planet)

9. Allowing women to be objectified (winking in feminine eye)

10. Reducing life to atoms and chemicals (atom, web reduced to dot)

11. Not sharing your views (speck under couple)

12. Reading biased news sources (distorted computer text)

13. Racism (colored globe)

14. Polluting (fire, balloons, wreckage in water)

15. Being silent when others pollute (balloons, fire in town)

16. Extravagant living (balloons in building)

17. Observing the state of the world and believing your actions don't matter (panning over world scenes)


Cosmos Peractus is on the face next to Thomas Jefferson. A reminder that anyone, in the right situation can make a difference. 



Refer to the above list. Truly. If you can make those changes, you will swiftly find you've left a mark on the world.

Cosmos Peractus is the indentation above the head of the couple. The art of reclaiming power, is realizing your voice deserves to be heard.



Power from sex, is exploitation of our base instincts (shapes interacting). Underneath our higher functioning, is still an animal who reacts to opportunities for procreation. More complicated than this, is how our sexual nature has become enmeshed with conquering and being conquered (shapes becoming face above wreckage, Earth).

Sexual desirability, despite its transience, can provide a sense of power (speck in web). A burst of so-called empowerment can come with being complimented in a bathing suit (beach), or even having an affair (hovering over couple).

The duality of this, is the burst of power the other person can have from "stealing" you from your partner, or objectifying your body.

This is where sexual power takes the strangest of turns. Women, especially, can believe this is the only power (Thomas Jefferson) available to them, only to find themselves depleted and objectified in the end (Earth becomes wink in feminine eye).

It is a game designed for false female empowerment. Often a tight rope that has sexual assault at the other end.

The vulnerability of sex, and its emotional impact, also leads to many, many sexually manipulative behaviors.

1. cat calls (speck on beach)
2. hacking someone's personal computer (computer screen)
3. racism enacted through sex (colored globe)
4. sex to distract from serious issues (balloons near wreckage/fire)
5. sex to distract from the world (balloons above town fire)
6. sex to feed the ego (balloons in building)

Sexual empowerment is an entirely different experience that can heal our deepest wounds (underground)

This is when sex is a safe space to learn body acceptance (small truck, tall buildings) and deep pleasure (road in trees)

When a relationship becomes sexual after deep connection and investment (pyramid), sex becomes humanizing and vulnerable. We can feel like nothing and everything all at once (dead bodies, castles)

This is often overshadowed by the value placed on orgasms (Earth entering Sun). Having said this, orgasms are also a bigger deal than we understand. They are an energetic experience that alter time and space.

Cosmos Peractus is the center of the web. A reminder that our relationship with sex is our relationship with self. 



Incredibly simple, powerfully overlooked. 

If all you did was become deeply in love with yourself, and delve into your dreams and interests, you would have a powerful magnetic field. 

There'd be no need to enter useless dynamics and power plays.

Your very existence would put you at the center of the universe.

Cosmos Peractus is at the center of the solar system for this reason. To invest in oneself, creates an eternal wellspring that is untouched by outside force. 

There is no power greater.



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