Energy and the Human Experience

There is a world of energetics, that continues to elude us. It can be felt, we can see it in the form of matter and scientific experiment, yet its relevance to the human experience is not clear.

In the new world, energy can no longer be up for debate. Its presence in our lives will become more relevant than just a chair over there. We will understand energy as the in-between world.

Energy is that which can be manipulated before it manifests into tangible experience.

Read on for intuitive explanations on 3 significant energetic states impacted by human consciousness.

The video has parallels to the life on Venus finding but was created before the paper was published. I have posted the time stamps and a comparison in my Instagram stories.

(One Channeled Video x 3 Intuited Song Edits) 


The collective consciousness, has embedded within it, an infinite number of "templates" or "archetypes." Think of these as multi-dimensional cookie cutters (peace sign). Energy bends according to these templates, and these templates are the extent of what humans can perceive (water, shape slightly visible, shape becomes wood, wood + fire/energy)

Every template requires a different energy to come to life (human with rainbow, peace sign parachute) That energy comes in the form of human reactivity, specifically emotion. Our emotions signal what it is we are experiencing and life responds. We currently believe life presents situations and our emotions respond. We have it backwards. 

If we could see this process unfold, we'd see each template spans many dimensions (circle amidst lines). Only when something outstretches to 3 dimensions does it enter our experience (3 sharp triangles with fire entering dirt). It should be noted, this doesn't mean it is only 3 dimensions.

 There are 6 experiences we need to become aware of (6 nodes on object) to avoid negativity, specifically, from changing our reality. 

1. Programmed Negative Reactivity (Bug)
2. Empathy without Boundary (Two People)
3. Feeding Distortion (Foggy, Watery)
4. Investment in Negativity (Tractor)
5. Listening to Others' Negative Accounts (People, Hands, Observing)
6. Negative Words

All of these experiences, and the degree we feed them, have very real consequences. They take hold and before we know it, we have embodied the type of energetic experience that literally shapes our lives (shapes appearing on straw).

 When enough negative energy accumulates, a template fills (electric circle fills into square) and something is born for us (cosmos peractus scene). How it takes shape is according to the limits of your perception (circle entering flower, similar shells).

Of course, things don't end here. Once something negative is born, we react to it and the above cycle continues (darkened object begets darkened object)

Negativity is best described as an energy, because it sinks into the collective and doesn't let go. Something positive can happen a billion times, and it won't shape our collective story. One negative thing happens and it never leaves our periphery (observatory, scene turns dark and distorted)



 Positivity, unfortunately, doesn't have the grip negativity does. To work with positivity is like working in a vacuum (barely visible in water, sculpted, hidden in tree, isolated person with rainbow)

Negativity requires strategic avoidance. Working with Positivity is like using an internal microscope. Any little stirring, that sparks joy, we must fixate on (eye setting on cool object).

When we find that joy, we must embody the full sensory experience of it (dancing creature) including sharing the passion (two people with object).

Then prepare for your joyful focal point, to be processed by this strange world we live in (cartoonish circle with audience)

People will minimize its value (circle fades), envy or replicate (circle multiplies), become competitive (circle in large flower), and we will always be left discouraged (circle comparing to shells).

If we can maintain that joy long enough, despite these hurdles, something beautiful WILL be born for us (cosmos peractus). The challenge is generating a steady stream of positivity in a traumatized world (circles lighting up in succession, observatory).

It does take significant investment to live this life (large burst) in a world like ours, but life DOES respond. 

Experiment for one week.  

Tell me what happens.



Ascension does not require hallucinogens. Replace the word LSD with Ascension, and the principles are similar, but Ascension is sustained. Arriving at Ascension WITHOUT hallucinogens is a much more miraculous experience. You are working from the ground up (elements of life - water, earth, fire, wind).

It is a life orientation versus revelations that happen in a window. This is relevant to "energy", because you are uniting with energy. You are now an energetic being, engaging in the unseen (circle leaves desert, eye in spaceship, dancing creature).

The epiphany that begins this process, feels like a divine seed planted (eye in object) with a will of its own. Many ascensions begin by meeting a mirror soul (same people with object). Some type of occurrence that shows us divine intelligence despite the harshness of reality (circle remains despite fog, distortion, tractor).

We then become pummeled by duality. Every day is an internal struggle to reconcile divinity, with the insufferable reality all around us. But, whatever this divine seed is, we are seeing it alter our life path so we know more divinity (circle starts integrating into different scenes).

We see synchronicities, divine meetings, dreams come true, deep knowings... We realize life is responding to the seed that was planted.

 We are sent perfect mirrors for our healing in the form of reliving childhood experiences, and meeting people who reflect our shadow (circles popping up). 

The process is a complete erosion of the self (circle disintegrates, small circle in large flower, circle next to same shells). It doesn't stop until we know ourselves as that divine seed (electric currents, cosmos peractus).

A miraculous ride, that creates the conditions necessary to know the divine truth of our existence (observatory, negative and positive energy symbols, Earth within and without).

 More and more people are finding themselves on this ride. This is part of our collective awakening. If you don't believe me, ask the synchronicities you are about to experience.



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