Divine Feminine Rising

We are officially at a crossroad between Masculine and Feminine energies. The world is now being orchestrated by equal parts force and logistics (Masculine), as it is intuition and the divine (Feminine). 

The journey to this point has been long. The Earth and Divine have been trying to correct this imbalance that began centuries ago. An imbalance that started when the Feminine died.

The existence of "man" and "woman" was meant to be symbiotic and equal. The Feminine was intended to be the vessel for all things, not just birth. The Feminine was intended to receive the truth from higher dimensions to guide the unfoldment of life on Earth.

The Masculine was intended to powerfully enact the Feminine's visions. It was perfect. The Feminine would say, "I see clean water on Earth. I see a specific filtration net that is attached to every water vessel." The intuitive schematics would be laid down, and the Masculine would bring this vision to life with science and precision.

With the logistics of Earth divinely guided, we could focus our attention on bliss. Create our reality. Create Heaven on Earth.

Instead we've seen the eradication of the Feminine.

This week I've channeled the Rise of the Divine Feminine, and How She Died. This is the same channeled video backwards and forwards, with intuited songs and edits.

Please watch (always) in full screen.


Buried deep below the surface of civilization, were the remnants of the original Feminine, the Divine Feminine (below ground, excavation, purple drop). There was no vessel that could hold her on Earth. To exist again she had to light the way AND create the vessel to contain her (light source, feminine figure directing the flow).

She did this by paving a path of synchronicity (perfectly synchronized triangles) that we call the "spiritual journey". That journey brought many spiritual bliss, and turned the physical body into a divine feminine channel (purple water meeting sky, feminine being).

When the enlightened shared their prophecies (triangles in the sky), it did not align with the Masculine world. They could not find their footing in an ice cold world of materialism (tall apartment building), disjointed communication channels (mailbox) and a Feminine that had been too objectified to have a voice (Betta fish, face turns to lines, cosmic backdrop).

To have any momentum, the Divine Feminine had to find a select group of people who were capable of overcoming this societal oppression (figure staring at the fish in goo). Free thinkers who were awaiting rescue from a nonsensical world.

Through Divine orchestration, that encompassed every bit of magic and energy in existence, events were coordinated (magical synchronized image). The events were so powerful, that they rendered EVERYTHING that group knew to be obsolete (flash to white).

Powerful enough to send them spiraling into an eternal awakening (clock, spiral). With whatever magic was leftover, the Divine energies created a protected vessel so those beings could be safe while surrendering to the divine (small house, electric fence, worship, Face of the divine).

When the group could finally see beyond the veil, they were pushed to rejoin the world (leaving cave). This was a moment of beauty and despair as they felt part of something miraculous (cosmic sky) yet completely irrelevant to the world as it is (diffuse, purple fog).

They had no choice but to create a new template for existence in the modern world (synchronizing sparkling images). Shockingly, this experience also felt orchestrated as they met people who were primed to receive their divinity.

It was beautiful, but not enough. The journey was too exhausting and alienating not to be leading up to a larger justification. There were talks of the Age of Aquarius, the Earth's Ascension, the 5th Dimension but it all seemed implausible (behind window looking at Earth & purple feminine silhouette).

Then civilization collapsed.

 ...and the Earth's ascension became all too real. Humanity went into quarantine. Every system demolished, psychological and material. 

The Divine Feminine beings realized this was the world they were being prepared to lead into a new age. A world that no longer has any grip on reality. A world where every attempt to find solace in the material leads to suffering. A world where the old Masculine way feels obsolete.
(feminine purple veil covering planet)

A world crying out for Divine Intervention.

Now the Divine Feminine can rise again.
(Milky way, purple rays)

"Ordinary World" by Duran Duran


What we know to be "Feminine Energy" is simply the force that sparked all of life (purple rays, Milky way). We call it "Feminine" because it is the same force that flows naturally through the uterus. The uterus is an energy gateway, a channel, no matter "fertility".

"Feminine energy" in its purest form, is all of life, all of truth. Everything required for life to exist (purple veil Earth). To experience all its properties requires significant physical well-being and safety. Much like child-birth, we can die in the process if the vessel is not nurtured.

This where the Feminine principle has always been a liability. Child-birth alone through the ages, has forced mothers into isolation (feminine being behind glass). It is easy to see why the world never realized the Feminine's connection to Divinity, when survival of lineage was priority (beautiful colored circle become black and white).

Raising children drained the Feminine and much of her mysticism. Mysticism actually appears foolish when trying to survive (feminine being in a cave with purple smoke, cosmic sky).

It is easy to see how Masculine energies became dominant on Earth. Before long, the Masculine created scripture and also dominated the spiritual worlds. 

This was the official death of the Divine Feminine. Those who didn't lose sight of their divinity had to remain hidden or die (small house, feminine beings in worship, electric fence, divine face). Witch hunts have not plagued humanity for centuries because women did not embody magic. They existed out of hatred for women AND because they could embody "magic".

Women like me. The medium, the psychic, the empath. Believe me, they still try and kill off that woman with degradation, minimization, mockery, alienation and voicelessness (total blackout)

The Feminine has had to evolve without her divine foundation, without a voice, and in a state of fear (black and white clock spiral, colors within black and white). She has had to deny her nature, deny the truth of existence (feminine behind a window, Betta fish in goo and face distorts as looks away from cosmic backdrop).

Life has evolved with a Masculine foundation, so when she does speak, her intuition feels superfluous and impractical. She is now condemned to prove herself within a scientific framework that insists on an intuitive precision that cannot be cultivated in a world that condemns intuition! (flailing magic triangles in mailbox, near buildings).

The Masculine has created a framework for life where the gifts of the Feminine have no value. The Feminine has had to resign herself to redirect that inborn force into disorders, her body and self-hatred (darkness, perfect triangles, stream)

The Feminine became an artifact.

And after centuries, she has risen.
(free purple drop)

"Ready, Able" by Grizzly Bear


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