The Child Mind: Anxious, Traumatized, Secure, Neglected


The coming wave of channeled videos are SO human yet seen through Divine eyes. I believe this peek into our humanity, will make all the videos feel more credible. If we can witness our personal experience so powerfully displayed in a synchronistic video, then the previous videos' abstract-alien truths may feel more accessible.

This week we enter the child mind. Four sub-types specifically: anxious, traumatized, secure and neglected. These four perspectives capturing how children process life's stressors. Most children having taken on all four perspectives to varying degrees.

For the first time, the videos speak for themselves. Your consciousness will immediately recognize the video to be true, and the lyrics will fill in important gaps in your understanding.

I will still share intuited details to assist in processing. I will not discuss the imagery, just some underlying messages in the lyrics.

The beauty of these, for me, is how innocent each perspective is. The reality that there is no "bad" child, just children surviving. There is also beauty in children focusing on the same elements of life, but attaching different meanings.

Most importantly these can serve to translate child behavior. How non-verbal and verbal patterns can become windows into a child's distress.

Watch the channeled video x 4 versions (2 backwards) below. Music is always intuited last.


The Anxious Child Mind

(Reminder - the visuals will be left to your interpretation as they already have a home in your consciousness.)

The anxious child pacifies themselves through addictive behavior. Things that can serve as stand-ins for the support of a parent (obsessive-compulsive behavior, food, video games, perfectionism etc...). ("cigarettes and chocolate milk")

When stressors escalate the child tries to gain control by not discussing them. There is a belief that words will bring the fear to life. ("for several reasons we won't mention)

When things reach a boiling point the child will speak up/act out if it will allow avoidance. If this is futile they will utilize their addictive behaviors, and not discuss things further. This leads to very complex internal worlds as they secretly manage more and more fear. This is the birthplace of many psychological disorders. ("A little bit harder, a little bit deadly, you got to keep in the game, retaining mystique while facing forward)

"Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk" by Rufus Wainwright

Video Lyrics
Cigarettes and chocolate milk
These are just a couple of my cravings
Everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger
A little bit thicker, a little bit deadly
It is a little bit harmful for me
And then there's those other things
Which for several reasons we won't mention
Everything about 'em is a little bit stranger
A little bit harder
A little bit deadly
You got to keep in the game
Retaining mystique while facing forward

The Traumatized Child Mind

The traumatized child swiftly learns how external factors influence their painful circumstances. This provides a sense of control and predictability to their pain. ("bailiff's at the door")

The child projects all their hope onto these factors being resolved, versus resign themselves to unending suffering. ("hanging on to the life we had before")

At some point, the child will question if life is punishment for being "bad". They will look to any spiritual framework to make sense of their pain. For example, "If mommy stopped swearing God wouldn't punish us," or "I don't have food because I hit my sister." This is often fueled by caregivers who blame negative circumstances on the child. ("cold love won't lead me to the Lord")

When the child experiences direct abuse, it further reinforces the idea they are "bad". They will interpret the abuser's actions as a response to their own unworthiness. They will try and please that abuser in hopes of resolving whatever is "bad" in them. For example, if I get a kinder reaction maybe it means I've changed that part of me. ("I'm black and blue I'm begging you for more")

The child's mind and body will always undermine any attempts at control. This includes medical issues, anxiety, dissociation, attention deficit etc... This forces the child to go to greater and greater lengths to receive needed attention from any supportive caregivers, even if it means negative attention. ("It's getting harder to breathe, chainsmoking your love")

There is a stage where the child has exhausted all attempts at maintaining sanity. At this point, the child will be thrust into an adult mindset. They will become detached and surrender their happiness. Those who try to retain hope will often focus on protecting a family member, friend or pet the way they wish they'd been protected. ("can't be good for my sanity" "chainsmoking your love" x 4)

The most tragic outcome at this stage is violence towards themselves, towards others and sometimes suicide. A final attempt to express pain, and/or be seen by those who have neglected them. ("on top of the world and leave me on the floor")

"Chainsmoking" by Jacob Banks

Video's Lyrics
I know my lease is up and the bailiff's at the door
And still I'm hanging on to the life we had before
I know this cold love won't lead me to the Lord
Although I'm black and blue I'm begging you for more
It's getting harder to breathe
Chainsmoking your love
Can't be good for my sanity
Can't be good for my lungs
Chainsmoking your love
Chainsmoking your love
Chainsmoking your love
Chainsmoking your love
on top of the world and leave me on the floor

The Secure Child Mind

The secure child has the mental freedom to play versus make sense of stressors. Life is an exploration of sights, sounds, tastes and relationships. They integrate wisdom from caregivers, and are able to face their fears knowing they will be supported. (All lyrics below)

"Honeybody" by Kishi Bashi

Video's Lyrics
Hey you, Honeybody
When you coming out for game play?
I got my Checkers out, Chess, Parcheesi
Oh yeah, Honeybody
You make me want to play
Oh, Honeybody, whatcha doing Sunday?
Maybe sipping a Coca-Cola with me, babe
Oh yeah, Honeybody (Aah)
Honeybody, Honeybody, yeah
'Cause everybody wants a Honeybody someday
Mama said they don't grow on them trees easy
Hands down on the ground
I'm begging you to please, Honeybody, please me
I'm begging you to please

The Neglected Child Mind

The neglected child has one major coping mechanism: the belief they belong somewhere else. This is to protect them from the harsh reality of neglect. This child is consumed with fantasy and idolization. Always imagining make-believe parents. They will often attach to a certain fiction series or video game world. The attachments to the characters revealing the child's lack of interpersonal connectedness. (All lyrics below)

"Spaceman" by Tall Tall Trees

Video's Lyrics
Spaceman, spaceman come get me
I'm not from this world you see
Everything's a mystery
Take me to my galaxy
They all laugh at how I talk
Point and stare wherever I walk
When I look up to the stars
I wonder where my parents are
Can it be I'm all alone
Spaceman, spaceman take me home
Can it be I don't belong
Space, spaceman take me home


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