Divine Meets Human

This week we are given a window into the meeting point of Divine and Human. How it feels for the Divine to penetrate a Human, and for Human to embody the Divine. 

Two different perceptional lenses.

The Divine (intelligent energetic beings, "the Soul", "God", "Higher Self"), as you will see, experiences this union as maneuvering a matrix of fear and energetic obstacles until the Human becomes a perfect vessel. Humans perceive it as the end of 3D illusion - the beginning of a life lived through symbolism, synchronicity, energy, dreams, euphoria, visions...

A life where death is just another unfoldment on the path.

Here we see the end of separation from the Divine, the end of the 3D Human, and maybe, just maybe, get a glimpse of...

The Divine Human.

One channeled video forwards and backwards. Music always intuited last. VIEW FULL SCREEN WITH SOUND ON.


The Divine enters the human form still retaining memories of their past human incarnations. Although that knowledge is helpful, there is always the shocking recognition of being out of their depth.
(scuba divers, underwater, fragmented object)

This realization hits when they feel how disabling the human body is. How little Divine energy it can contain. This results in the desperate clutching to their Divinity, while the human body attempts to neutralize this foreign energy. (dragon clutching Om sign, dragon on pagoda)

This begins the war over perception. The Divine wishes to be known by the Human, to be allowed influence, but this requires altering the Human mind. The Divine is tasked with showing their Human a wider lens that includes nuance, pattern, and how life responds to their thoughts and energy. (person holding Om sign, watery shapes turn into tiny bubbles, Om emits rays)

The Divine works tirelessly on the Human mind through every Divine ability they have retained in this form. Incredible progress can be made, but like clockwork, the Human will collapse into baseless fear. All is lost in that moment, and the Divine must create an experience that bridges their Human back to the Divine path. (dragon blowing smoke, Om sign changing colors)

To bridge a Human back to Divine perception, the Divine must:

 1. Reveal where in the past the fear came from.

2. Show synchronicities to keep the Human in a level headspace while processing this fear.

3. Orchestrate the Human receiving needed wisdom in the 3D world.

4. Hold a high vibration to allow this transmutation.

5. Ensure the Human has this process mirrored back to them by other Humans, in order to view themselves more objectively.

6. And do all this with the exact right timing so the Human mind can connect all of these dots to each other. 

(alien, human on bed, white Om emitting rays, dark X, sparks, shadow overtaking, x drops and creates mirror images, new face organizing itself, face turns purple, butterfly)

When this "lesson" is complete, the Human is returned to the path of Divine truth. With every new understanding of their Human's process, the Divine evolves the path - even creating a cascade of triggering events to push past more fear faster. After each fear episode, the Divine then crams in as much spiritual journeying as possible before fear interrupts the cycle yet again. (rushed, flailing purple dragon, pagoda minimized to circle)

With enough Divine intervention, the Human will finally adapt to Divine reality. First, Human perception will feel overcast with these Divine truths, and eventually, the Human will "open their Third Eye". The Third Eye being the Human vessel for Divine vision. (red floating objects, mandala orb, lightning bolt transforming mandala orb into third eye, and orb becoming clouded)

Cosmos Peractus orb appears here because this is where the majority of Humans are on this path. 

The Third Eye, as powerful as it is, is now challenged to become the Human's only perceptional lens. The eye closes when the Human encounters fear, but the Divine will have an easier time returning the Human to the Divine path. (person on rocks, circle closing around them)

When the Third Eye reaches stabilization, the Divine is able to invest energy into using the Eye without interruption. It is like a periscope for the Divine to look through and experience the Human world. (water, large Om emitting rays, fleshless dragon eating light)

This is how the Divine begins "operating the Human vehicle" so to speak. The Divine will now guide the Human to situations that will increase their vibration. As the Human's vibration increases, the more they match the vibration of the Divine. This ultimately allows for a complete fusion of the two beings. (dragon becomes fire, dissolves into water)

In this fusion, the matching vibrations allow for the Human to inherit the Divine being's abilities. This can take some time as the physical body adapts to Divine energy in its system. (fire forms dragon silhouette)

Here is where the Divine narrative comes to a close. No Human has ever fully known themselves as Divine, and therefore it is all conjecture past this point. 

All that is known is the future has been decided, and how the world will shift as a result.


Humans have never been apart from the Divine, but the near-seamless union of the two has only happened in rare instances. Right now we are seeing this transition to seamless Divine Union happen for all of Humanity. Some faster than others, so they can light the way. (sparks, clouds, firey dragon silhouette)

Every human must first know the fullness of their Humanity before they can transition. It is impossible to know what the Divine is, without knowing what it is notOnly then can the dissolution of the Human self begin. (dragon silhouette, Om sign, fire dissolving into water)

 When Human first encounters the Divine, it feels like a memory of a future self. A future where every dream has come true. It is bliss and it is torture, as their present lives do not align with this fantasy. (outline dragon eating light)

This begins the madness. There can be no contentment now that this mysticism has embedded in the Human's core. A burning desire that demands we destroy every aspect of ourselves, and our lives not in alignment with this insatiable longing. (third eye person on rocks revealed in light, person looking at this vision, third eye, orb is clouded)

Before life as it is becomes too unbearable, this mysticism reveals itself in the 3D world. A sign or synchronicity that confirms this experience is supported by unknown forces. (odd floating shapes, lightning transforms orb)

"Cosmos Peractus" orb shows up here to represent the Divine language on this path - symbol. Since the beginning of time, the Divine has used symbol to guide our journeys. Symbols that speak to our personal consciousness and the collective’s. They bypass Human distortion and cut into our energetic experience. This is why the video’s song lyrics are almost entirely metaphorical. 

 With time, we will have experienced enough synchronicities, signs, validations of our intuition, prophetic dreams, strange visions, inner knowings, sightings, to be less enthralled by usual 3D circumstances. In fact, we will understand the 3D as a projection of these underlying forces. (pagoda transitions to flailing colorful dragon, gold dragon, butterfly)

It is in this state of non-attachment to 3D circumstances, that we can relax enough to understand the larger story unfolding. What is being asked of us? What is being mirrored to us? What is the contrast between Divine and Human? What is in the shadows of our psyche that continues to blur these lines? (alien experimenting on Human, butterfly mouth, fragmented face, mirror image, changing symbols, sparks, shadow)

    With much journeying, this smoke cloud of questioning reveals something underlying. Something simple. That our body has somehow been reprogrammed to only respond to Divine knowing. Every powerful impulse is now a pristine signal straight from the Divine. (smoke, white Om sign, dragon collapses, red Om sign)

Amidst this process, not only did we become tuned into greater forces, but we've entered a dialogue with life. Each moment reveals the future to us based on all we've learned on our journey. We've become conditioned to see the Divine intelligence underlying each experience. (person holding Om sign, floating particle cloud transforms to larger objects, Om sign rays lessen, dragon holding Om, dragon holding Om on pagoda)

We reach a point where we trust so implicitly in life's Divine unfolding, that we no longer fear death. Death is just another Divine unfoldment. (dragon dying)

This absolute faith and detachment from all things Humans cling to is when we become the Divine Human. We now navigate the world of energy, as does the Divine. (fractured object in water, scuba divers)

Until now, no Human has ever fully submerged into the complete Divine unknown. No self, no noise, just trust to guide us forward.

When they do, and they will, Humans will know themselves as God. 
(dragon eye opening in water)


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