The Metamorphosis of Feminine & Masculine


It is time to introduce new "Masculine" and "Feminine" archetypes. Although some stale "Masculine" and "Feminine" energies persist, these new archetypes will become the dominant energetic paradigm. They are virtually unrecognizable to themselves and to humanity, but will one day serve as beacons for a new world. They've been pummeled, rebuilt, deconstructed, destroyed, morphed, and finally stabilized into their "desired" forms - for now.

What a long journey it has been. If you are reading this, you have been on this journey conscious or not. 

If this all sounds foreign to you, continue reading. You will begin to see your recent journey very differently. The Divine has been recalibrating Masculine and Feminine energies to allow balance and synergy. A process that has more to do with the strange state of the world than humanity is ready to accept.

Watch this week's channeled videos and read their Divine messages for a window into the metamorphosis.

This week there is 1 channeled video x 4 versions. Two are backward and 2 are upside down. Music is always intuited last.


The New Feminine

Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"

The New Feminine's Metamorphosis

Leon Bridges (featuring Ink) "Don't Worry" & Leon Bridges "Beyond"

The New Masculine

The New Masculine's Metamorphosis


The Metamorphosis of Feminine & Masculine

Expectations of the Feminine are designed to keep her unsatisfied and fixated on pleasing the Masculine. The Masculine archetype, however, was designed for absolute freedom and zero indebtedness to the Feminine. (old television, droplet, figure surfing spiral)

In a world run by the Masculine, structures were put in place to disable any threat to this system. If the Feminine spoke against this oppression, she was quickly met with a series of myths strategically devised to discredit her. For example, rape and sexual harassment were "just false allegations to make a profit." (moon among imprisoned in branches, dragon from figure entrapping moon)

This Feminine prison included harassment when a Feminine figure became "too visible". Whether on the streets or in the media, the Feminine was disempowered and groomed by many Masculine. If she showed any resistance or empowerment, she became a "slut", "attention-seeking", "fake", "fat", "ugly", "prude", "gold digger", "manipulator", "crazy", "psycho"...
(bird flies in, rapid textboxes)

The internet, however, allowed these patterns to become visible. For there to be indisputable evidence. For millions of Feminine beings to find validation. This began the widest spread movement of Feminine solidarity in history - The #metoo movement. (bubbles, magic crystal ball)

Although the battle continues, this shift in the collective provided invaluable relief for many Feminine. Her voice, finally, had validity. If something bad happened, she could have credibility, finally. (purple portal, magic lamp in desert, constellation becomes figure)

This was the dream come true. A humble dream, yes, but it allowed this Feminine to shape the world. Having a real voice pulsated through her core and into her Soul. (purple fog covering bridge, mountains, purple ocean)

It wasn't long before the outer caught up with the inner. Bit by bit, the same attempts at change yielded different results. New structures were starting to form before her very eyes. (purple person with plant, purple Earth and skies, purple portal, bird flies, flashing lines)

This Feminine's empowerment had a natural byproduct. Many Masculine became aware of her, and how he had kept her disempowered. This became clear as the New Feminine did not hesitate to insert herself in tasks and challenges. This Masculine realizing that she was so much more than the restrictive paradigm in his imagination. (portal is drained, backdrop turns blue, firey skull)

This Masculine now felt disempowered. What could he offer this fully realized Feminine being? He realized how his ego thrived off her oppression. (skull becomes speck, swan reacting, speck moving while swans asleep)

This propelled the New Masculine into a state of reprogramming. If this wasn't true, what else isn't true? An exhausting process as the Masculine has defined the truth of our world. Every bit of themselves and life is now called into question. (box technology)

The New Masculine is also feeling a loss of identity. They no longer identify with archetypes that equated to Masculine and Feminine "harmony". This leads to questions about their desirability, value, identity... They have to come to grips with being whole, no longer defined by a counter energy. (cloud)

This is where we leave our Masculine. A state of questioning and powerlessness that the Feminine embodied for centuries. Fortunately, this stripping down of the Masculine is reaching a new turning point. The garden has been stripped bare, and new seeds can take root. (particles)

The Masculine will experience this as impulses to start rebuilding and creating... The more he trusts these powerful impulses, the quicker his transition into this new potentiality. (energy emitting off particles)

It is time to breathe a sigh of relief, as a new chapter unfolds. Where the New Feminine and New Masculine will see the fruits of their long, tumultuous, unconscious, and conscious labor.

**He/She was used to create simple differentiation among energies.**


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