Human Health: The Divine Solution


This is the first "practical" video I've channeled. It shares two simple truths that elude us because of our so very complex human paradigms.

The simplicity of this information feels like an epiphany. An epiphany to how the Human mind has emulsified the truths we all know

If the truth is simple, we don't want to believe it. Everything must be a mountain to climb. 

This is how we lose sight of our Divinity, for Divine truth is so simple.

The videos this week speak to Human Health. What we must add and what we must subtract.

Watch below for 1 channeled video x 2 (forward and backward)


Lack of sunlight (or Vitamin D3) creates winter conditions in the body. This means survival and hibernation, not the agility and sharp-mindedness the mind produces in warmer conditions. (sunflowers, cloud, church, gray, person blowing petals, pink shape turns white)

The impact of an "internal winter" changes our very molecular structure. This allows the body to become secondary to the mind - the mind taking precedence because of the supposed logistics required for this state of survival. (matrix circle moves through linear landscape, becomes small in presence of orb)

While the mind is in the foreground, the body alters its course. A course guided by the belief that in winter, its needs cannot be met, it can no longer rely on the Sun for energy, there will be a shortage of food, it wants to inhibit us from going outdoors, and needs to reserve as much energy as possible. (electric signals become disorderly)

When the body prioritizes this level of survival, the consequences can be dire. To reserve energy the body slows down metabolism and stops working at optimal levels. This means allowing "non-priority" maladies in the body to proliferate. This includes circulatory issues, joint pain, "bad" cells replicating, inflammation and other illnesses. (human body with dark chaos, blood pathways, dark cells)

The final thing to go is the body's intricate communication network with the Soul. This is an intuitive system too complex to be described here. Humans are wholly unaware of how essential this system is to the survival of our species. (purple, matrix dissolving, purple chord breaking)

When the Soul is deprived of it's bodily channel, it does not surrender. It becomes chaotic and disorderly. Going to greater and greater lengths to awaken the Human to the patterns that stifle the Soul. This includes altering the Human's timeline to bring them to the above awareness. (tree, lightning, darkness)

A process made all the more tumultuous because of how disconnected Humans are from the body and Soul's signals. (galaxy, lightening striking person, person drinks coffee in response)

Read on for how these signals get crossed.


Caffeine has become a universal salve. The majority of the body, mind and Soul's messages can be easily satiated by caffeine's effects. This has altered the Human mind, in that we oversimplify the body's signals as "needing caffeine". (galaxy, lightening, person drinking coffee)

 Caffeine activates similar pathways to the Sun or Vitamin D3. Even the Soul is called into action and begins repairing and utilizing its intuitive bodily network. (lightening, darkness, tree, purple chord repairing, purple matric repairing)

The body experiences caffeine as a surplus of energy. It then utilizes this energy to provide optimal functioning, including repair, healing, circulating etc... Signals that something is arry in our body are then silenced. This is because the body believes it has everything it needs to find a resolution. (black particles clear away from blood pathways, distorted signals becoming clear)

Caffeine has the added effect of creating "clean energetic signals." Energetic circuitry being how the body communicates with the mind. These clear signals are then processed by the mind as "perfect health." (energetic signals become matrix)

When the mind believes the body is in perfect condition, it registers it's current patterns as "optimal". This translates to the body believing caffeine intake as the ideal condition and disregards other bodily needs and signals. (matrix larger than orb)

This dismissal of body signals creates a deeply ungrounded state that includes disconnect from emotion, pain, hunger, pleasure, fatigue etc... Our mental energy is now "disembodied", and responding only to mental stimuli. This leads to mental narratives without any intuitive or bodily basis. As this mental activity becomes more exaggerated, the body becomes aware. The body then responds with equally exaggerated emotional states such as panic attacks. (person in crystallized winter shape, person blowing petals, pink shape)

At some point this experience comes to a crescendo, often due to energy depletion or mental health issues. We then seek a professional, with complete ignorance of our bodies. We believe the issue is "energy" or anxiety, and not the overriding of our bodily signals overtime. (church, clouded, gray field)

Physicians rely heavily on symptom reporting to determine further testing and analysis. Thus the above symptoms will be assessed as anxiety and be met with medication. Low energy is mostly met with suggestions of diet alteration, vitamins and exercise. (fragmented sunflower, sunflowers, field)

The person is now taking medications that further override their bodily signals, and/or feel pressure to overhaul their entire lifestyle - all while feeling anxious and depleted. They also feel an unfortunate sense of relief as they think their physical symptoms are not severe enough to warrant extensive testing. (sunflower smiling)

The final misfortune being the things that would replenish and restore, cannot bypass this mind-body disorder. For example, vitamin D3 can be suggested but will be fruitless in these conditions. Thus people seek more and more complicated solutions that ignore the underlying disabling force. (sunflower closes)

When we look at the above process, let it provide insight into any mind-body disconnect's toll. Caffeine is the easiest alteration one can make, but all addictions create similar, if not worse internal chaos.  

All of the above is a powerful metaphor for the Human experience. Relying on what "fixes", versus allowing the extraordinary unfoldment of life. The body, specifically, is an exquisite machine millions of years in the making. It has memory and intelligence that surpasses any technological advance humans will ever know. Yet here we are, imagining a cheap external energy jolt is required for the body's functionality.

To know our Divinity once again, it will require looking at these patterns. Where do we operate like life cannot be trusted. The actions we take from this state are what stifle humanity. What prevent us from witnessing the great underlying intelligence in all things.

Take this first leap of faith and test the intelligence of life.


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