Anatomy of a Perspective Shift


For those who have been following, after posting the "Other" video, my channelings have become otherworldly. We are seeing energetics and details to the unseen that my mind could never conjure up. Most remarkable is now there are multiple audio versions for each channeled video. 

What's more surreal, is the multiple videos relate to each other. We see duality but the same exact images. 

I'm creating this post to share the beginnings of the shift and my intuitive messages. It will allow for an easier experience than sifting through Instagram. 


Channeled Message - Here we see the eye capable of grasping an outside perspective when there is first a glitch in its own perspective field. This is followed by an emptying out of old emotion (symbolized with water) and letting in the necessary emotion to connect to the new idea. The glitchy effect so perfectly represents that in-between space. We can feel the movement within, but it takes time for it be fully formed. The eye continues to return to a box, as though it is seeking respite within it’s comfort zone (stagnated belief systems) before it can continue with the process of change.

Earth Message: As always, there is the message of the individual and the parallel to Earth’s experience. Earth is going through a massive energetic shift. A merge with the 5D. The dynamic of this directly mirrors our internal consciousness shift.


Channeled Message - The visuals represent the reprogramming of the eye to perceive the next dimension. First, perception of the physical is reduced to the snowflake. Then light/color is condensed to the small dot. The black pyramid represents the old, now compartmentalized 3D experience. This strips the eye to create space for the new perception (the purple object that enters in). We then find ourselves on the shore of a new reality. To travel dimensions is to evolve the sensory experience, that is all.

Last week, we saw the eye in the midst of reprogramming. It kept entering a box. I believe this week we see that same box but the eye is no longer entrapped. This represents detaching from our personal realities.

Earth Message - the Earth is reborn, the merge with 5D is near completion. Our eyes need to adjust as we now have an entirely new world to discover.


Channeled Meaning - First we see a visual of our reality, with the different clouds representing all our reality’s possibilities. The green cloud being neutral possibilities, and the white and gray cloud being positive and negative (not by human definition).

We then see an alternate reality (the lake on fire) and a collapsing into a mirrored visual. What has just been shown is all those realities becoming one in order to set the stage for the divine physics of this.

The clouded landscape (clouds symbolizing all possible realities) converges into a purple source of crystallized energy. At the heart of this, we see a butterfly, as if to show a clearer symbol for what this purple crystal “hinge” of all realities is. Like a butterfly’s wings, these alternate realities work in unison and can not exist without each other.

What happens now, is ALL OF IT, all the realities, the entire divine phenomenon, is being “packaged” in a way for humans to understand. The chaotic part being the impossible physics that are playing out for this to happen.

We then see this “package” enter our world, and provide the necessary conditions to view what’s behind the scenes of our reality. This glimpse is the proof we have of “quantum entanglement”. The message is that is evidence of the divine, gifted by the divine, and shows the workings of all reality.

Earth Message - Reality is new but we can’t quite perceive it. The first step will be seeking and finding evidence that something is orchestrating behind the scenes. This will be in the form of synchronicity, inexplicable intuition, prophetic dreams, strange physical symptoms (anyone suddenly feel like you can’t breathe but air is going into your lungs?), feeling connected to another across dimensions, massive shifts in awareness among humanity...


Channeled Message: We open with the formation of a destined plan, that has spanned time, space, dimension and realities. A fated meeting between Masculine and Feminine, that will restore balance and evolve these archetypes on Earth. For too long, the planet has had an imbalance of Masculine energy (doing, surviving, controlling), while Feminine energy (receiving, intuiting, feeling) has been dismissed as impractical or foolish.

It starts with a cloud of Divine energy, instantaneously creating a new Divine Feminine being (the butterfly). This transfusion happened many years ago, and most Masculine energies (usually Males) have been asleep during this process. Many Feminine energies (usually Females) experienced a fated awakening, and have been on a path of Ascension ever since. It is important to note, this process has happened internally for many, which is reflected in humanity’s awakening to gender fluidity.

We now see the Divine Feminine butterfly consumed by this new energy on Earth. This experience is that of daily synchronicity, intuition, divine guidance, prophetic dreams, that for many, was initiated by a fated meeting with her Masculine counterpart. This Masculine, while unaware, has the exact same energetic signature as his Feminine counterpart, which ignited long dormant intuitive abilities in her.

The two videos, demonstrate the alternate experiences the Masculine and Feminine has had of this same phenomenon.

Both, are fated to embody this new energy, but the Feminine was awakened first.

Note - “Gentle Impulsion” represents Intuitive Knowing. “Fearless on my Breath” represents challenging communication.

After the Divine Feminine has fully embodied this new energy on Earth, she knows it is time to awaken her Masculine counterpart. We see her pan to his upside down reality, recognize she will not be able to permeate his constricted perception (water not flowing and impenetrable bubble), but she is being moved by something bigger than her.

We see the showdown, and the Divine Feminine recede. The Masculine is now primed for his own awakening.

The stage has been set for the next showdown, where the Divine Feminine will finally be seen.

Earth Message: Earth has been integrating this same energy.


The Masculine is absent while the Feminine is awakening. We then get a glimpse into his experience of his Feminine counterpart while she is consumed with her Ascension. He is viewing the connection as stunted (water going nowhere) based on viewing it through his own projections, barriers, and through the old archetypal lens of what connection looks like.

We then see the showdown, where the Masculine is adamant that she has no basis (“Love is a doing word”) and rejects her experience.

This moment initiates his awakening. He is then seen being consumed by an accelerated version of the Divine Feminine’s journey. We now see him on the shores of this new reality, although cautious. His point of Ascension hits the moment he can receive her.


Like winter, the darkness forces stillness and repair (opening scene). Although we perceive life to be dead during these times, we are just stripping away what distracts us from the condition of our soul (jellyfish = immortal soul).

The human experience of darkness, is most often having to contend with our shadows. Once we direct energy inward (shooting stars) we always find shadows of what we’ve not explored (shadow without object).

We are then met with our soul’s rupture (jellyfish split), a cloud of staticky emotions, and a shadow that has grown in complexity. In this in-between state, there is extreme discomfort,and an electricity that propels us to find an escape route. The cloud must first release many uncried tears (rain surrounding the cloud) followed by an “escape” to a more solid form of itself, and then warmth can be found within. We are then gifted with unexplored beauty and wisdom that had been inaccessible due to fear of the shadow that surrounded it.

This process, as painful it is, has left us transformed. We have shed an old layer, and evolved into a new beautiful being. We can’t quite perceive that yet (in a new shadow box), but a new interplay of light and dark will ensure our enlightened spirit lights up the sky.

The orbs are symbols of masculine and feminine, with the center bringing them into balance. When we do “shadow work” we are retreating from masculine energy (doing, surviving, controlling), and entering the feminine experience of feeling, receiving, intuiting. Uniting these energies is what awakens us to inconceivable magic.

The Cosmos Peractus sun, represents what happens when we eliminate all our shadows. We become forces of nature.


The Jellyfish now represents humans’ belief that they are immortal. We see a comet end it all in an instant, to reinforce the preciousness of our lives.

We see the box we live in - somehow believing the weather changes won’t impact us even though they are right there (the smoke won’t enfold you). Our minds then convince us, even if it does, we will be met with a miracle. Whether it be a change in the environment or an invention (dreamscape with shiny object).

We then see the threat become very real and undeniable. Still, we are met with someone in a box believing their small measures are enough.

Finally, we convince ourselves there’s another Earth-like planet, no matter how delusional the idea.

Sadly, the final image is of the Earth on fire if we stay on our current course.


***There is an overarching theme to both about racism/oppression. Believe the oppressed. They investigate the truth because their lives depend on it***

The Moon represents deception, and we see the Moon take shape throughout.

Our first sign of deception is someone weaving a complex web of “truth”. The truth is simple and requires little explanation. We draw the person’s attention to the mangled nest and there is instantaneous denial (candle blows out). This act of denial becomes the 2nd sign we are being deceived.

The 3rd sign is the complete denial of another’s perspective in favor of one’s own viewpoint (green being swapped for orange).

The yin yang represents a 4th clue- black and white thinking. When our realities or confrontations are discredited with a black and white reaction, this is a strong sign manipulation is taking place. In these instances, our emotions are being controlled versus understood.

The final scenes represent the process of emancipation. Deception/Gaslighting can only block out our realities for so long before the truth burns through it. The truth (burning light) is that energy that keeps us in a state of questioning (5th sign - are you perpetually questioning the person’s intentions and your own reality?).

When we arrive at truth, we also remember the essence of who we are (purple light). Connecting to our souls makes manipulation unbearable. The soul wants nothing more than to shed all things obstructing us from the truth of who we are.

The word “Silent” clues us into the power of silence when freeing ourselves from another.


The Moon represents intuition. The source of all truth. We see how the journey through deceit, helps us clarify the Moon.

The first sign of something being untrue, is when we stop questioning it (cobweb). It is only “true” because we have invested in it, and continue to weave into its mangled nest.

The 2nd sign is when it requires us to deny one reality for another (green swapped for orange). Truth is all-inclusive. TRUTH IS ALL INCLUSIVE.

The yin yang here represents good and evil. These concepts are immediately a sign of untruth. Morality exists, yes, but truth is about neutrality not judgment. When a “truth” is adapted because it claims to know what is good and what is evil, it is already a fallacy. It speaks to that “truth” intending to divide and demonize.

Like the first video, we see a light (truth) that burns at our core. Its aim is to shed anything that would obstruct us from the Source (purple light). The knowing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Once we connect to our spiritual nature, we are gifted with intuitive knowing to subvert our societal programming.

The word “Patience” clues us into the truth being inevitable. All we need is patience.


The title, itself, shows the word Perception as a prison. Inside that box is a cloud made up of infinite possibilities.

We see our fantasy (Star) intact at birth, to indicate our highest destiny already exists. We then see negative emotion (heat) take hold. The fantasy (star) becomes volatile and loses shape.

That negative emotion then inseminates our experience (flames shooting). First our emotions (blue cloud/water), then our perspective (red cloud), then we see physical reality literally morph as a result (sand wiped away).

Physical reality is seen as directed by our perception (particles in our eyes). We are the masters of our reality, but so blinded and oppressed by the repeated experiences that we don’t realize our emotions/perceptions are orchestrating.

If we were to step beyond our mental prisons, and observe our lives (nautilus shell), we would see clear patterns. Our childhoods would be recognized as a framework from within our entire realities materialized.


The difference between creating reality through Perception versus Manifestation is the choice. This requires an understanding of
the formula for reality (nautilus shell).

Now, we understand we are entering our experience, with an entire galaxy of possibilities at our command. They are instantaneously responding to us and forming the fabric of our reality (particles pouring).

References to the Sun (“Texas Sun”) symbolize manifesting is about energy. There are 2 approaches to life. Believing the physical and having our energy (emotions) align in response to it. Believing in energy and having the physical align with it. The former is the persistent illusion.

Now when we are presented with a situation (sand dunes) we know to invest in feeling (blue cloud) and perceiving (red cloud) only what aligns with what we desire (sparkles).

When we inevitably do feel negative emotion (red flames), we do not attach or believe. We do the work to realign emotionally with our highest destiny.

The final scene is energy made into matter. With ongoing emotional alignment, we see a burst where energy/vibration gives life to the physical manifestation of our dream.

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