"Until Death" The Guide

Here is the guide (as referenced in my instagram post) to all my intuited creations to date. Watch the video below for a brief introduction to what has taken place, and my recent realization.

If you do not believe my art is entirely channeled, please watch “Within Duality”, “Stretch Your Eyes” and “Death and Life.” Knowing how to “make light talk” with a pre-recorded voice is inconceivable to me. Making pre-recorded songs synch up to animations that go forwards and backwards, and are part of a storyline, is also inconceivable to me. I should also mention, I’m a therapist, not an artist. 

I create with a multitude of apps on my iPhone. My hands just start navigating and “knowing.” The main app is Videoleap. 

I never believed in psychic phenomena, which makes my journey all the more astounding even to me. I had to experience enough magic and proof of the validity of my intuition, to completely uproot a life fully formed in science.  I looked at my intuition with the scrutiny of scientist. Not only was I left with unwavering belief in intuition, I had to start trusting when that same intuition told me bigger truths about our existence. 

I know what it means to be skeptical. Watch with a critical eye, form your own conclusions. It is all the more beautiful that way.

Let the Journey Begin.

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