I have not abandoned the writing. I am currently posting entirely intuitive creations on instagram - where I follow streaming images in my mind, use intuitive impulses while editing, and intuit the music towards the very end. 

I created Cosmos Peractus believing my intuition could never be proven, and therefore, it was futile to discuss this aspect of human consciousness. More and more, the impossible seems possible. 

To be able to reference intuition, like the solid object that I know it is, is so freeing. For so long I have wanted to say that my realizations about the human mind, have come from an ability to see the "truth" and witness how my mind emulsifies it. 

As for the "truth"... my truths evolved rapidly from truths about my existence to blindingly beautiful truths about our existence.

I want to share all of it. I want to create meaning with all of it. 

For now, I believe these intuitive creations are my path forward. 

I hope you'll join me on this journey. 


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