8 Soul Awakenings


The most brutal moment on my path, before I knew it was a path, was empathy. If there was an atomic weapon to the human spirit, that was it for me. What I felt, was in proportion to my intuitive abilities, and it was boundless.

I now know, that was step one of my awakening. There was nothing intellectual about it. I wasn't understanding humanity, I was joining with it

The following capacities of the human spirit defy evolution, human growth and survival. Why do they exist at all? Knowing without knowing? Why would we subscribe to that madness? 

We all have these inner stirrings. Something in the fabric of our being. Those who "awaken" are the ones who listen. 

We listen and listen and listen and listen.

One day, real life responds.

 This begins the Revolution of the Soul.



In our early stages of connection, sharing life with humanity can feel like being planted in deep forestry (forest with eye in center). There is a sense of alienation, and inclination to go within versus without to explore (circle becomes overgrown and bubbling)

This inclination is that of the Soul. The Soul guides us to first look within, to provide the clarity needed for Empathy.

Gifted from an outside channel (outer doorway), we see our Soul's Seed enter our inner chaos to provide us focus and clarity (circle in the static). That work is never done (clouded door, circle remains), but we do evolve enough to begin a second stage.

We now enter our emotional world (pool), and our Soul Seed unites with those emotional waters (seed pattern blends). With our emotions and Soul in union, we have access to ancient guidance (black and white water).

This ancient guidance, molds our inner being, outside of conscious awareness (dark lava taking shape). We see a basic prototype of the mind (orange circle) and understanding of human desire (star) implanted, although we are unaware (small flame).

That implanted information, sends us and our lives into forward motion (spinning globe). Not only does it direct our attention (bull's eye circle on head), but it directs the flow of outer events (spinning earth-like circle).

When the divine knowledge has enough material gravity due to experience and information (orbits of debris around circle), the force is now ready (solid figures on cloud) to direct our lives.

Empathy, in our world, starts with trial and error (invisible beings, fire pit). It takes time for us to realize our beliefs about people do hold up (figures lift off)

This realization brings intense energy to our experience, and we enter a stage of experimentation in relationships (fire exploding within safe watery confines). Our ability to understand and direct the Empathy, refines with time (cloud becomes galaxy, fire becomes lightening, small scale with crystal, large scale on mountain).

Empathy is a force that dissolves separation between ourselves and others (statues dissolve in clouds).

Cosmos Peractus points to the mountain top when the lights are out. This means the full embodiment of Empathy comes when we can connect to ALL without information (no light) and from the highest perspective (mountain top).

"Human Racing" by St. Vincent


Solitude, simply, is the necessary condition for Soul Awakening. It is a gift that drowns out the noise (eye in the trees) and creates space for soul exploration (activity is in a chasm).

The desire for Solitude, is the call of the Soul. Despite all the societal shaming and discomfort around introversion (melting hot body, black and white water), the awakened-being still finds fulfillment from looking within (orange circle, flame, stars, spinning circle, orbits).

When enough has been achieved through Solitude, the Soul calls for deep connection with only a few (statue companion) who are in alignment (similar statues). Together they mirror what is necessary for further growth (companions dissolving together).

Cosmos Peractus points to the container of the Soul's activity, because that is the gift of Solitude. When I consider how society frames introversion, it becomes so clear how we lost our way.

"All Alone" and "Demon Days" by Gorillaz


Our Divine Destiny, begins as a sense we have something unique to offer the human cacophany (colorful circle in the trees). That sense turns into desire (bubbling, pink liquid), and seeking clarity in the noise of that specific domain (door of static with circle).

This sorting of information evolves (circle processed through water) until we can connect to the divine perspective we are intended to share with the world (black and white water)

That divine perspective always defies societal limitations (orange circle, flame, altered globe, galaxy), and a desire (star) to share those ideas can force us into self-doubt and internal turmoil (melting figure).

When the desire has enough gravity behind it, we seek or stumble upon opportunities (crack) to further clarify (invisible beings become concrete) what we can offer. 

When this is a true divine calling, life will send us people who guide us forward on our path (companion statue, fire and cloud refine to sparkle and galaxy). Although things can be challenging (lightening), it will often feel as though the path is orchestrated (beings in the sky illuminating town).

The final sign of a Divine Destiny, is seeking to contribute to the collective consciousness. The end goal is less about fame (statue dissolving) than it is about ideas (clouds) transforming humanity.

Cosmos Peractus points to a star in the sky that is overcast by bright light. A Divine Destiny often feels like this. Written in the stars and no matter how the light of that star drowns out, we still just know (words become clearer as the star disappears).

"Ascension" by Jhené Aiko & Brandy


The Soul's desire for Manifestation, always begins with a unique seedling (colorful circle). When we look around, it feels impossible to bring to fruition based on the lives others around us have lived (surrounding forest).

When its the Soul's seedling, it doesn't dissolve, but gets more and more defined (circle in static). Despite its intangibility, our emotions become more and more entwined (seed blends into water). Often our first intuitive moment (black and white waters) is the eternal scream to fulfill this destiny.

That scream, forces internal mechanics into play  (flame, star, spinning globe) until we finally achieve the mindset of manifestation. At this point, there is a warp in time and space (split screen) and we feel an intuitive energy push us forward (fire)

That energy shapes our inner world (fire in confined space), time itself (night becomes day), the smallest details (crystal), and triggers events (lightening through town). All this to turn dreams into reality (clouds unify with statues).

Cosmos Peractus points to the internal mechanics of the dream being embodied. This is because that embodiment is all we need for dreams to come to life.  

"The Numbers" by Radiohead


There are as many intuitive abilities as there are facets of existence. Every scene represents an intuitive knowing.

1. The specific unknowable circumstance (eye in the trees)
2. Intuitive joy (pink bubbling)
3. Compelled versus Repelled ("No, no, no" "Go, go, go")
4. The sudden gift of clarity in the confusion (circle in static)
5. A new idea with no basis (circle entering empty waters)
6. Emotional shifts to draw us to an idea (water taking on patterns)
7. Ancient knowledge (black and white waters)
8. Intuitive desire that comes to fruition (star becoming flame)
9. Navigation (spinning globe)
10. True objectivity (globe with orbiting objects)

All the above make their way into our experience, often unconsciously (invisible statue entering). We feel intense pushes, pulls (fire bursting from the cloud), synchronicity (crystal sparkles), the way forward miraculously illuminating (beings shoot lightening into town)

Intuition is so debated, yet what would reality look like if life was entirely material? We are so accustomed to our ability to engage with the immaterial world, that we don't recognize it is happening at all. 

There are miraculous psychic abilities in this world, but beyond this, we are all operating predominantly from sensory experiences that defy logic. The physical and the intuitive experience, have become so indistinguishable from each other (cloud and statue images dissolving together), that we can't see it.

Cosmos Peractus points to the screen change from colored waters to black and white. This speaks to the ultimate goal of intuition -connecting to the most objective form of truth beyond our perception.

"Intro" by alt-J


The tragedy of Aliveness, is that it's considered defiant in our society. We become radicals (colorful circle among neutral trees). While others sway in the wind (trees moving), the truly alive become a focal point because of their "unusual" reactivity and engagement with life (bubbling circle fills space).

Becoming Alive, begins with the realization that we are all expending energy into a void of nonsense and constraint (static in doorway). We miss the larger picture entirely on the transience of existence (doorway blocking sky, clouds).

When this realization strikes, much of life's noise becomes still (clear waters) and the real seeds of Life take root (seed entering water, dissolves, black and white image is the deep roots).

The energy once given to mindless static, starts forming a new energy body (lava body). We feel a discomfort within that can not be relieved through the restrictive paradigms humanity prescribes us (orange circle and star = small flame)

The desire to travel (spinning globe) and experience every single thing (globe with orbiting objects) becomes insatiable. 

When there is any opportunity to expand our horizons (crack in landscape), we can't hide our intensity. We take risks that feel good (fire shooting over water), we observe nature (people in sky), we notice the tiniest bits of magic (sparkling crystal), and we are impacted and impact everyone we meet (duo with lightening across town).

Aliveness seeks to consume us entirely. When it is done with us, we no longer have boundaries between the self and our experience (cloud and figure dissolving).

Cosmos Peractus points to the clouds, but also the statue's heart. When truly alive, the heart is the only thing we need to rely on. The rest is transient (clouds).

"We've Got Tonight" by Bob Seger


Mortality might surprise us as a calling of the Soul. The Soul is divine, what use does it have for mortality? Like all divine paradoxes, true mortality can not be processed, without first understanding ourselves as immortal (colorful eye among trees). To understand mortality from any other framework sends us spiraling into depression.

Mortality is needed to adjust our priorities (circle in the static) and recognize our lives as temporary yet miraculous (ancient gate, clouds)

Our emotions take on a preciousness (pattern in water) yet an insignificance (contrast to black and white screen). The temporal nature of our bodies (melting body) gives us appreciation for whatever beauty we do retain (orange circle becomes small flame), our souls become priority (star), we value our mobility in the world (spinning globe) and see ourselves as the totality of our experiences (globe with orbiting debris).

The equally transformative quality of Mortality is the impact on our relationships. At first we can feel intense pressure (bursting fire under statues), but this evolves to understanding connection as bigger than any one moment (fire merging with sky). We allow ourselves to prioritize precious moments (sparkles in crystal) and pure intense connectivity (lightening illuminating town, statues dissolving)

Cosmos Peractus creates a thin line or "stitch" between worlds. This is the gift of mortality. It keeps us in an in-between state, where all things become extraordinary.

"Stay Alive" by Jose Gonzalez


Neutrality is an awakened state, because it requires intuitive perspective on the larger scope of things (eye in trees). We must know enough to know our insignificance. 

Neutrality dulls the noise of life (circle in static), and has an identical focus to Mortality without the intense emotionality (read above). We recognize at life's core is emotionless truth (black and white waters)

Neutrality softens our movement in the world (invisible beings, fire lessens in intensity from the statues). Rather than bulldozing through life, we see how how tiny each moment is (crystal sparkles) in the vast unpredictable cascade of life (path of lightening strikes).

Neutrality diffuses life which softens thought, emotion, relationships (cloud and statue dissolve)... 

Cosmos Peractus points to nothing and sits in the frame. The gift of Neutrality is rather than focus on one pixel on the screen of existence, Neutrality lets us SEE.

"September Song" by Agnes Obel



  1. I noticed fire in all of the videos and that felt so destructive/creative...creative in a destructive sort-of-way. I also thought about this: "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." (Carl Jung)

    1. Re: fire, flames going in all directions, unlimited. Swallows you whole and gives birth, we can fuel different avenues of fire, we manifest with infinite capacity (candle, lightning, explosion, etc). Of all videos you've posted recently this one/these grab me the most. What a theme as North America is literally and figuratively on fire..(feeling it extra out here in Cali)

    2. I'm glad you saw its relevance on a large scale! The crack in the pavement so to speak, could be the election? That opportunity to take one obtuse fiery energy that has been birthed, and refine it into meaningful change (lightening directed at town)?

      I do love that you quoted Carl Jung as well. These recent channelings have shown me how much the Soul's purpose is to direct attention inward despite a life calling us outward.


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