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This week it is the same channeled video 4 times with 4 different songs. The 5th video is its own strange animal. 

The varied circles indicate time is a flat circle, and where you are IN time, is based on your personal angle. In every video, we also see two outcomes for any major event. This is to represent the alternate timelines that exist. 

The sparkling circle always becomes energy and vanishes at the end. This speaks to the embodiment of any experience being purely about your energy, not time or circumstance. 

The 5th video on Lebanon's Corruption was a complete shock. Watch last week's video and you'll see a cloud heating up and destroying the landscape, then someone trapped under debris. I intuited the city on fire for this week a day before the actual explosion. 


In “Present”, we see the embodiment of NOW. First, we see underlying trauma (fire) at our foundation, that keeps us on high alert (smoke becoming snake-like face) with some of our soul intact (pearl). Then we see a disconnect with our bodies (dark rib cage, weak heart beat). 

The little fragments of awareness, outside of trauma-mode (black pupil with specks), allow for doses of mindfulness. We now SEE the ground we walk on, but instantaneously it loses its meaning (stripped to gray, dried up water/emotion). Our minds withdraw from our surroundings, and get lost in our usual thought process (eye in a box). 

We then become aware of other people (multiple eyes) and their perspectives. This fully immerses us in our mental programming (endless grid). Here we are scanning our restrictive criteria in search of validation (sparkles).

The final scene, clues us in to what it takes to embody the “Present”. We see physical security (box), and perceiving that we are loved and seen (sparkling pupil). 


The "Future" is ALL time and ALL possibility, and yet it is constricted (box) based on the Past and Present (stripes) because those things form our perception (perception = reality).

At our foundation, we all have insatiable desire (fire) to build a life of security, stability and visibility (city). This fire keeps us in a perpetual state of clarifying our future goals (fire creating a pearl).

This part of human nature also makes us suicidal (dark entrapped ribs). To fixate on our futures, lends itself to deep darkness. We are constantly surveying life for the plausibility of our dreams coming true with minimal information (black spotty pupil).

We look to the present moment, despite its transience, and fixate on blocks to our dreams (wall). Not realizing we have conjured up these blocks (block with eye)

When our blocks collide with others' blocks (multiple eyes in blocks) we enter a mental web (grid) that tells us our dreams are impossible compounded with that specific dream being linked to our worth (sparkles).   

The final scene speaks to strategy and perspective in bringing dreams to life. Desire, without focus, ensures we miss our chance (circle misses). Desire, eyes on the end goal, and patience is the formula (circle enters)

There is a secondary narrative on the future of the collective. We are going through a deep transformation rooted in understanding the very core of our existence. It will transform life as we know it.


The "Past" is the Moon, because it is shrouded in darkness, and yet it oversees our existence. 

We see trauma (fire), darkness and fogginess (clouds) disproportionately make up our memories. Our physical and financial stability doesn't mean so much, when trauma is underlying (fire under city).

The culmination of all of it (cloud of smoke) forms our energy body (fiery circle). Our past creates a circuitry through our body, and ironically, forces soul growth (pearl). This also thrusts us into the darkest states of mental and physical imprisonment (dark cage).

Because we are born almost entirely blank slates (spotty black pupil) we immediately seek structure and answers (wall). Our caregivers (first eye) and those who judge us (multiple eyes) lay down our mental programming (grid) in this process.

That mental programming not only creates a rigid paradigm for personal safety, but intertwined, is where we find our personal formula for validation (sparkly circle).

The final scene shows what is needed in childhood. Strong structure, but one that leaves space for development of identity (circle in box). Validation is a powerful force (sparkling eye), so ensure you are using it to cultivate your child's inner beauty. 


"Past Lives" is written as multiple reflective circles to represent parallel timelines, and their purpose being to reflect and understand. 

There is a forceful energy (clouds, waterfall) driving the experience. We see a larger existence (large circle) precede smaller ones, but all experience something similar. They all appear to be trapped in this energetic cyclone.

We see a burst of white butterflies, as though a first attempt to leave. This proves ineffective and they return to their process. Suddenly, something powerful is born that can cut through the cyclone (butterfly creature).

It appears agitated, resentful, and deems the benefits of 3D lives as frivolous (scaring away butterflies, destroying circles). It quickly becomes skeletal, and realizes its fragility exiting the cyclone. 

It desperately seeks the rainbow that has hovered over its existence for so long. This process of following the rainbow strengthens it, and gives it the form necessary (diamond) to enter other realms (under the rainbow).

The diamond body, this time, is forcibly strengthened (pushing through lava) through adjustment to this powerful energetic realm. When it finally has the strength, it appears to make an offering of 3D knowledge (green, yellow circle).

Once accepted (becomes purple light) it applies its knowledge while observing 3D existence (flat surface). We then realize there is a new type of Parallel Life, in that infinite energetic beings are also observing infinite 3D realities. 

They appear to be strategizing...

Throughout the series, Cosmos Peractus is written in black reflective circles. As if to say, the end will come when there is nothing left to learn.


We see the explosion of the city's foundation, reveal the political and moral foundation of its leaders. We get a first person perspective of how they operate.

First, we see a cunning and cold-blooded face (serpentine face) driven by power (fire) but their words are carefully crafted (sparkling pearl at the center).

There is a deep lack of empathy (dark ribs, weak darkened heart). There are some weak points of focus (spotty pupil) and then an immediate return to the old structure (wall). There lies a pyramid in the wall to represent pyramid schemes. 
Beyond (gray wall) the old structure, we see some strategizing around scarcity of water (tiny water reserves). We see this being the focus because it impacts this politician and others like him (multiple box eyes).

This narrow-minded governance translates (eye with light beam) to a population of people feeling entrapped with no hope in sight (endless grid)

The explosion doesn't immediately change things (return to grid), but the return to the hopeless system forces a burst of empowerment (shiny circle)

We first see how that sense of empowerment was so often derailed ("I make excuses") by believing the barriers as insurmountable. Then we see complete focus on removing corruption from office (circle entering box and pointing to get out).

There is a clue in the credits about the future of Cosmos Peractus. We see the words above and below next to the moons. I believe the videos, like the one on Lebanon, will start revealing (moon) truths about world affairs. 

Music Credits

All music used without permission. Music is channeled.

Angelo De Augustine
"You Needed Love, I Needed You"

"Disparate Youth"

Orville Peck
"Smalltown Boy"

Past Lives
"Somebody That I Used To Know"

Corruption in Lebanon
Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra
"I've Been Down So Long (It Looks Like Up To Me)"


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