The Faces of Love


This week we explore love's dualities. This is the same channeled video used 4x backwards, 4x forwards. 

If you believe I am an intuitive, it should give you great comfort to know how often I intuit messages about love. How humanity has it all wrong. How love has become so dismantled by society, that all we can perceive is fear. 

And, that ironically, only love is real.



Masculine Love begins with no vision (flat box) beyond the sexual fantasy (galaxy, pink cloud, shaking room). At this stage, there is no attachment (pink object floats away). Once the sex becomes real, the Masculine mostly invests energy into enhancing the sexual experience (directed fire). Along the way, the partner is seen from more angles (shifting colors around object)

The first sign of love, is when the Masculine feels truly seen (heart face, heart selfie on phone). The ability to love still remains constricted (splash in a pool, old movie scene, egg in uterus), although can be pleasant and undefined (flowers, clouds)

The turning point for the Masculine, is the sudden blow (flowers shooting, broken phone) where fear of losing a person puts the full beautiful picture into frame (castle in phone)

There are still varied stages that have to come first, where the partner has to set boundaries, communicate concerns and the Masculine not meet them (dead battery, accessory not supported, 63% charge).

After these stages, there must be a very real end (dead battery, darkness). And the relationship can only begin again with intense effort invested (lightening on the castle). Only, then does the Masculine truly arrive at powerful Love.

It is important to note, these stages don't necessarily happen in one relationship. They can happen over a lifetime.

Feminine Love begins with a full vision (castle) and commitment to that vision. Things end at the start (darkness, lightening), when the Feminine is first rejected for putting the cart before the horse.

Eventually (hopefully), the Feminine learns to dial it back (63% charge) and have demands/standards (accessory not supported)

Once in a relationship, the Feminine is initially flirtatious, (water splash), romantic (old movie scene) and sexy (genitals). Things then escalate when the idea of a child comes into play (person holding phone with mini self). Suddenly, the Feminine directs intense energy towards commitment (fire towards heart/ring).

A child, sometimes unknown to the Feminine, often becomes a tool to force commitment (box shakes, pink object inside). Based on the infinite outcomes around this, the Feminine's understanding of love can take on a Universe of forms (pink cloud object entering stars).

The Feminine always realizes the early life vision of Love, was not true to love at all (black one-dimensional box).

***The above is not gender-specific, nor does anyone only embody one or the other. If you identify as more feminine, or more masculine, ask yourself if you line up with that type of love.***




Unrequited Love is based in fantasy (box with stars, pink fog). That fantasy, or head space takes precedence and creates meaning where there is none. Often a sexual act (pink fog entering bedroom) becomes all the "proof" that person needs to spiral.

Rather than recognize the love is not there based on the other's behaviors, the Unrequited lover will perceive those same actions as "betrayals"("I warned you"). There is even a tendency to view the object of affection as flawed versus disinterested ("Shining like a barfly")

After much emotional obsession (directed fire), the Unrequited lover becomes relentless. They start using those "insights" to win over the person (heart face, phone with face). Every subtle reaction (heart splash), precious moment (old movie scene), or sex act (genitals) feeds the idea they are succeeding.

There is always a turning point, when the Unrequited lover reveals the exaggerated image of the relationship (flower ceremony - shooting flowers) and everything crumbles (shattered phone)

The pain can be catastrophic (pitch black, lightening), when they have to bear witness to the towering monument to fallacy they created (sparkling castle).

Unconditional Love is an interesting polarity to unrequited. The difference being, here the love is real. It could even "appear" unrequited at times by societal standards. 

I call this Divine Love. This is where we are bonded with someone beyond space and time. No matter the circumstance, there is a light that never goes out (castle is there- no matter weather, phone).

When we are struck by Divine Love, as wondrous as this is, it brings up all our barriers to perceiving love (heart becomes water splash, old movie, flawed close-up). Every trauma and societal story, is forced to the surface as the Divine lover reflects back all our inner distortions (Heart face taking selfie).

It can feel tragic, and yet, nothing is more freeing than Divine Love destroying all our blocks (directed fire revealing heart)Divine Love also gifts us with an unwavering truth that allows us to see how we distort reality (pink being in matrix, in box)

Divine Love has its way with us, so we see how the mind turns love into a faraway destination (castle). The only "arrival" necessary is eliminating all the barriers to perceiving we have already arrived (flat box).




Selfish Love begins with a blank slate (black box). This is an ability to function without structure or attachment. There is limited emotional scope beyond the euphoria (pink cloud) of sex (shaking room). A partner's meaning barely goes beyond those interactions (floating pink being leaving room).

If the relationship progresses beyond sex, it is purely to feed the Selfish person's ego (person taking selfie). They feel gratified by seducing and courting through romantic gestures (water fountain, old movie) and false displays of vulnerability (exposed heart). All this to feel a sense of power and attractiveness.

When the Selfish person feels satisfied by what they've accomplished (castle on the screen) that is when the relationship comes to a disastrous turning point (broken phone, lightening, dead battery). It often transitions to physical/emotional abuse (broken phone), adultery (castle = brothel), and manipulation as new means of seeking power.

Selfless Love relies on a sense of interconnectedness (castle), a little divinity (sparkles) and belief that love is real (pink castle). The person who embodies these things, can feel strongly pulled by a traumatized soul (lightening, dead battery, shattered phone, shaking)

That traumatized person can feel like a window into the divine, because they retained their goodness despite trauma/abuse (flowers/star). The Selfless lover will invest in showing that person this inner beauty (heart face taking selfie) and help heal their blocks to love (red box in different images)

Those moments when the traumatized person can see outside of their mental prisons (pink being in matrix and box and suddenly stopping), can feel like opening a portal (box shakes, pink being enters universe). Providing this awakening, is selfless love, because there is no need to be recognized. The end goal is the traumatized person embodying the love they deserve.




Group Love begins with a sense of emptiness in relationship (two flat boxes) and desire for more than monogamy can contain (gas leaving matrix). Pushing the boundaries of monogamy almost always begins with sex (shaking room)

Things are prefaced with "We've explored all we can together (fire burning out, fountain, old movie scene, open heart), if we involve others it will enhance our relationship (multiple hearts in ceremony)."  

There is an an initial discomfort (shattered phone), but this is eased by the structure of an "open" community or relationship parameters (castle in phone). The experiences can often be traumatic (lightening, dead battery) or unpleasurable (63% battery, accessory not supported). This is eased by the shared experience, community and awareness of all the other options available (castle with many doors).

Self Love, true Self Love, begins with an extremely solid foundation (castle). One must feel certainty about their lovability (pink), material security (large castle), life's magic (sparkles), and believe love is readily available (many doors).

The journey begins when something isn't connecting (plug to charge phone), or a tragedy occurs (lightening). They feel safe enough in love (flower ceremony, heart clouds) to really look at themselves (exposed heart, old movie, fountain, person taking selfie)

That safety (box) creates the perfect vessel for deep exploration (directed fire). They can begin to recognize how their minds work (pink object seeing matrix outside itself), without collapsing into shame (box shakes)

There is often a deep spiritual awakening at this point (leaving the box/entering galaxy). Spiritual awakenings are best defined as glimpses beyond your mental programming. Once you can exit, it is astounding what you will find.

We end with a portal having opened up (flat box/entryway).



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