Controllable Forces

Humanity is quite adept at projecting meaning onto the inherently meaningless. Life, arguably, is predominantly neutral, and yet we find ourselves riding waves of emotion every minute of the day. 
This is because emotions are intrinsic, but we are mentally seduced into thinking they are in response to the world around us. We will generally feel what we felt the day before or the week before, with the only difference being the story our minds create to justify the emotion.

Lately, I've come to realize how much of these daily emotional escapades, are due to a sense of powerlessness over what has actually hurt us. Until now, I had only ever understood emotional projection as an unconscious reliving of unresolved woundings. I had not yet understood how projection is often a way to regain power.

I believe, what plays out daily, is our unconscious mind actually identifies circumstances we can project onto, that give us some semblance of control. Circumstances where we get to enact the response we couldn't enact where it counted. 

We are all aware of the extreme cases of this. Sex addiction to feel like one is now in control after a sexual violation. The husband who is immasculated at work and abuses his wife to regain a sense of masculinity. The person who resents their controlling mother and now bashes their female boss with co-workers. The divorcee who now surrounds herself with unconditionally loving pets. 

It is becoming clearer to me, even in our subtler moments of emotional projection, a sense of regaining control is often at the root. The other day I got annoyed and threw out all the weird socks people had given me over the years. Yes, even with Rick and Morty on them. Upon reflection, earlier that day I was ruminating on never letting myself feel undervalued in a relationship again. 

So, stupidly gratifying. 

The more productive lesson here, is how much of our experience is corrupted by that which is unresolved. How much of an emotional fog descends onto our everyday. By that same token, we are also being provided clues every single day, as to what needs resolution. Like a road map to wellness.

"The things we see are the same things that are within us. There is no reality except the one contained within us. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself."
-Herman Hesse

So Assertively,


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