Misappropriation of Potentiality

There are so few means humans have to gauge how our personal realities measure up to "actual" reality. That is until we look at the stories we project onto other humans. Humanity is the one reality that talks back, which is quite incredible if you think about it. 

Can you imagine the seismic shift that would occur if we collectively began engaging with fellow humans on our points of contention, with the aim being to illuminate our own mental blindness? Personally, I find it acutely painful to observe this staggering bridge into the unconscious be used, to put it mildly, as a force for division among all mankind. 

Obviously, our perceptions are that forceful and that provocative, and it is the greatest challenge of our lives to become untethered from them. I do believe, however, if we could see the interplay between our unconscious and the meaning we give life, we will find a much more compelling story.

"Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event." Carl Jung

It is a remarkable thing to fully understand how our unconscious aims to mitigate internal happenings with the use of other people. Every surge of reactivity to another person is an entryway into deep-rooted neural networks that have not found a resolution. We have yet to wade through that avenue of our psyche and choose larger, more neutral truths that have the benefit of a softer emotional response. 

And what of the more sustained interests in others? Where are things like envy, admiration, resentment, obsession, and idealization sourced? I believe the more enduring the siphoning of our mental energy, the more we have tapped into underdeveloped facets of our own identities.  

It is these forceful pulls of our awareness that I find to be the most precious and underutilized resource. It is stunning to me to watch this beautiful mechanism repeatedly misunderstood as requiring anything on behalf of another. It has only ever been a hunger on the part of our unconscious to find wholeness within. 

Could we have ever devised a more glorious guide for our life journeys? We've been gifted with an inborn force that surveys those around us and provides an ache when faced with our voids, filled in another. 

If I could describe my entire life orientation, this would be it. I have seen the wellspring of inner peace it has cultivated, and my life has become infinitely more meaningful than I could have ever imagined.

"Each condition I flee from pursues me.

Each condition I welcome transforms me."

- Jennifer Welwood

With Peace,


12/22/2018 Synchronicity. 

Barely a few days after settling on my cyclone image for this post (thanks NASA!) I received these two incredible books from my sister. Both with cyclones as the central focus. 

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