Delusive Directives

One could argue, if we can perceive an avenue of our existence, it must be serving the brain in some way.  Consider the life-sustaining acrobatics our mental "utilities" must have demonstrated to endure hundreds of millions of evolutionary years. Emotions, perceptions, thoughts and sensory input all conspiring on behalf of the mind, derailing us from the great void. 

Where it gets multitudinously weird, for me, is how the brain then creates our personal narratives with this already biased information. The mind blurs mere perceptional fragments into stories of identity, safety, family and beyond. Essentially, all that we believe ourselves to be.

How then, does this multi-dimensional, even existential, self-narration serve survival?? I mean, all facets of the brain must.  
As human survival became almost entirely abstract, I believe the brain had to create mental landscapes to influence our safe navigation. The brain had to create internal worlds in place of surveying external worlds

A bird's seamless existence with earth and sky, a fish's union with impossible depths of the ocean, and now, a human's "knowledge" of herself. Can anyone dispute that the human psyche has the dimensionality of a planet's terrain unto itself? 

As you walk down the street, are you traversing your mind or the street?  

Doesn't this also explain humanity's greatest foe? The mental obstacle. 

Does the mind formulate our "identities" to serve as platforms to introduce a myriad of predators? Our fears of "failure" and "loss" eliciting reactions with uncanny emotional similarity to that inspired by bears and hurricanes.

We then watch, baffled, at fellow humans plagued by their own invisible demons and their own psychic terrains.

Could any notion be more demystifying of the illusions that are unworthiness, shame, failure and so so so much of fear? These being unfortunate cornerstones of the brain's mechanism for inspiring restraint and safety. 

.....I don't know about you, but my head is starting to hurt. 

Finding cracks in the brain's perceptional confines in order to perceive the perceptions always does that to me. The pain and pleasure of expansion, no?

Until next time, I will leave you all to re-enter your existential streams.


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