Consciousness Accessible

Humanity has seen a dizzying acceleration of growth, adaptation, expenditure, consumption, intelligence, and evolution all within the past 10,000 years. To be on this ride, and to perceive this ride, feels, to me, like standing weak-kneed at the foot of the sun

If we can find the nerve (that's some nerve!) to ponder how we got here, and what responsibility, if any, rests on the human psyche, questions of great magnitude arise.  

D i d  w e  d o  t h i s ?  
W a s  t h i s  d o n e  t o  u s?

Before these questions send us hurtling towards our intellectual dooms, I encourage you to read this article on the science of rapid human brain evolution. Only then can the foundation be laid for what comes next.

So what happened to humanity on the other side of this brain gateway?

Well, it appears we became addicted to simplifying/eliminating survival tasks. With more and more freed mental faculties then used to further free more mental faculties, the spiral upwards begins to make sense. 

I now have a rectangle in my hand that could live my life for me if I let it. 

Herein lies the great paradox as I see it. This human condition of non-stop acceleration is why we can sit here and read on the nature of consciousness. We have freed up that much brain capacity! It is also a remnant of times past, where our internal reward systems were centralized around doing, fighting, overcoming and achieving. 

We have now reached this expanse of human meta-cognition, and rather than stand stupefied in bliss, our bygone reward systems would have us consuming and expending in direct proportion to the expanse. 

All in the presence of miraculous gateways to personal fulfillment, real personal fulfillment that took billions of years to evolve and comprehend. In my opinion, the single greatest gift the world has ever seen... a consciousness accessible

If you're reading this, like me, you have stood at this evolutionary precipice and turned around... to take the journey inward.

This makes me feel strangely emotional. Almost like standing at the foot of the sun, but this time it's just a mountain of love, bliss, and appreciation. 

I want to thank you, reader, for joining me. 



(This song says all that I could not say)

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