Joy Influencing the Infinite

(Ultrastructure #7 by Bryan Olson)

Here I am having to make a case for joyThink about that. 

For me to even attempt to surmount your brain's innumerable mechanisms against joy, I’ll eventually have to use every resource available to me. 

I may have to bring quantum physics into it, if things get desperate, which they will. 

Not todayToday I want to appeal to your humanity, not your brain.

One of the most terrifying, for me, principles many hold is feeling suffering on behalf of those suffering. This is a moral obligation to embody empathy. This facet of the human experience was clearly intended as a catalyst for connection, community and survival of the whole. This beautiful aspect that makes us human, I believe, is now a liability. 

A brain having evolved for the survival of a group, is now hoping to encompass survival of the world. That same moral obligation is now exposed to, or even seeking, a steady influx of world happenings as we are now citizens of earth. 

I know the challenge of this concept. It IS our moral obligation to have awareness. I'm also acutely aware of how the brain works (I treat mental illness). 

"Once the emotional behavior is set off, a refractory period begins
in which we are not only not monitoring, we cannot reconsider.
We cannot perceive anything in the external world that is
inconsistent with the emotion we are feeling. We cannot access the
knowledge we have that would disconfirm the emotion."
Emotional Awareness: Overcoming the Obstacles to Psychological
Balance and Compassion. A Conversation Between the Dalai

Lama and Paul Ekman (2008), p. 68.

Not only are we immobilized by any trigger for individual or group survival, with minimal reprieve, we experience a steady stream of terror on behalf of the world in its entirety. Once the brain is triggered, there is an intense shot of cortisol, and a whole bodily state of fight/flight. Even if the consequences of stress on the body are not a concern to you, understand two things: 1. Where our attention goes neural pathways are sculpted. 2. This brain state surrenders access to the cortex (HIGHER THINKING, moral reasoning, connection, balance, etc...)  

Again, where our attention goes, neural pathways are strengthened. Imagine the information we focus on sculpting the brain like water transforming earth. These rivers then culminate in a body of emotional waters. 

Because we don't focus on and have a full sensory embodiment of every sunrise's glorious transformation of life, limited neural pathways are created. Eventually a pruning takes place. The brain doesn't "waste" resources. 

Try and perceive what it means for a great fiery ball to give life. Feel it. Feel the improbability of its existence and its perfect proximity to us. When you see it rise and set, feel its magnificence. 

You should be in a state of intoxicating bliss now. You're welcome. That or I just brought to life a very sad point.

Living with the intentionality of embodying and carving clear pathways to joy, one could say, is now only available to the consciously living. The matrix of 21st century human experience requires it. 

My hope is you'll pause before you get swept up in this survival dance another day. If you don't build a foundation for determining thresholds for morality at the cost of joy, your morality will soon look like hopelessness. Maybe it already does. 

- Samsara

4/7/18 Synchronistic Happening

I picked up Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung and continued reading at the page I left off (pg. 250). Of course, it was a page where Carl Jung is speaking to a Native American man who is suddenly enraptured by the sun.


  1. I had to read this twice to let the true message set, just wow! A light bulb just went on. How extremely profound!

    1. It is so nice to hear it impacted you in that way! :)


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