It's happened again, hasn't it? A thought has taken root and all else followed in its wake. First the brain, then the body. Even in the spectacular presence of love and abundance, this thought has rendered all powerless to move you. A sad, brainless, limbless, unfertilized embryo is more sensible than this thought. Powerful only in its ability to tickle that old pathway paved by old demons. Here the heart bows to the mind and all is lost.

Remember the graveyard of trillions upon trillions of thoughts that came before this one. Remember how even when the 1/1000000000000000 thought came true you quickly saw a newfound resilience born within.  It was as if that moment triggered quaking fear all the while sending gifts down the chimney. Would you change that moment upon reflection and lose its gifts? Yet here you are hoping to change some future moment (even if that was possible). When you can greet all as the conditions necessary for the gifts of your spirit to be fully formed, that's a life without obstruction. Now you can freestyle. Now you can be the creator. 

Now, I hope, the mind bows to the heart.


(Collage sources: Omni and Natural History Magazines)

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